Repeating Ramp Test

Hi there:
New to TrainerRoad but not to training - experienced road cyclist here. I completed the ramp test last night and my estimated FTP is down 12 watts from October. Not surprising given holiday excess/reduced training; however, it was my first time doing a ramp test instead of a 20-minute test and I definitely didn’t execute well. I consistently overshot all of the steps by about 15 watts and burned myself up. Even so, I’m not sure how much improvement a better-executed test would buy - especially since I am admittedly a little detrained. What now? Do I repeat the test or just see how the rides go?

see how you get on…if they’re easy bump up the % and ride at that till your next test


The ramp test calculates your FTP as roughly 75% of your best one-minute power from the ramp. I don’t think overshooting will drastically affect the calculated FTP. I agree with @mrpbennett and see how it goes. There’s no harm in retesting, either now or in a couple of weeks if you think the FTP is off.


Re-test and try to stay on target. I personally think the rest week before ftp test is overrated and the only harm you do by retesting is losing one quality work out to a ramp test. Do the test as early as possible in your block, because the block is progressive and when you test late the workouts tend to be tohard.

If you consistently overshot by 15% you are probably close to your true ftp, problems are created by only overshooting towards the end especially in the last minute. Tests are best done inert mode.

FTP is a training tool, don‘t get hung up on it. Test and train, then rinse and repeat.

I agree on retesting when you are recovered. Coming from the 20min test to this is totally different. You have to get used to the pacing and your first one is not gonna be right. I’d retest soon so you remember all the nuances and pacing and then just keep doing regularly.
I came from a dedicated 20min tester of many years to the ramp and am not looking back. I do think that the 20min is maybe a bit more “accurate” the ramp is nice because its easier and not the recovery time is less.
However if you really are not feeling the ramp plenty of people just go back to their old method (20, 3 or 8)…good luck

Erg mode (if it’s available to you) is really great for doing the ramp test. Just push your legs until you cant. easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: