Repeatibility records

There may well be a reason why this isn’t a thing, so shoot it down in flames if you wish!

I know my fitness and abilities have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years- however my “best” power numbers aren’t where I think the real improvements have come. Although my ‘all time’ numbers are improving as I progress, I feel the huge improvement is my ability to do these numbers, or close to them, over and over.

I would love to be able to track how many times my 5 minute power was at a certain level, compared with past rides etc. So I can see that in a road race where I blew up in spectacular fashion last year, I can now do those efforts and see that improvement in my repeatability, not just my pure power.

Anyone else? Or is there a way? I can see how many times I’ve been over a certain threshold of power, but I want to be able to pick a time and see how many times I managed a certain power over a certain period of time. 30 second power for example, It would be good to see how many ‘matches’ I can burn compared to previous years.


if you pull up your ride beside the summary button there is a search button.

Fill in the data for what you want.

Perfect, exactly what I was after. Would be good to have a way to look at all rides and see which ones had the most repeats.