Analyzing repeatability, not just PRs? Feature request?

Does anyone else look at repeatability when analyzing PRs? As I accumulate years on TR, I am more focused on understanding how often I am hitting top results for any given length of time.

For instance, during a recent VO2 effort, I didn’t get any PRs, but noticed I was within 1w of my all time PR (achieved during a grueling climb event) - and did it 6 times. That seems like progress to me. Or I have been hitting longer ride PRs outside in the 2-4 hr range, with much lower RPE. Would be good to see how often I have been in that range.

Currently, I use season match to get a sense. But hard to see within a season as well (I tend to compare specific dates). I could be crazy, but did the old site do something like this? Pre-calendar? I remember tables with dates.


Just as a follow up to this, I DID figure out how to do this, at least eyeballing it. Under the personal records graph, if you compare a ride to a season, you pick a time, hit details, and can go to all-time tab and see a list of your bests. It also has newest and weekly. It is a little wonky, tbh, it doesn’t show the latest ride(s), but it works.

I’m not sure this addresses what I thought was your actual question… “repeatability”. I took that to mean goal or possibility within a single ride.

The info above only show peak power for any time. It doesn’t tell you how many times you hit or could hit that value. In fact, because of the nature of the data, unless you know the time frame and power were repeated in the ride from other review, there’s no way to know if it was a one off or something to aim for in the future.

What might be closer (but is only really useful in a single ride review) are the Interval search tools:

With those, you can actually set a range of power and time, and see the total number of times you hit that combo. It’s not automatic and takes some guessing about time and powers that you want to review, but it can be helpful in looking at efforts in a single workout.


Thanks! - I hadn’t ever noticed the search button. That is pretty cool and useful to check out how consistent you were on the rides. I generally just look at the intervals, but the search makes it easier to sort through the recoveries.

My point was more looking across workouts, rather than just in a specific workout.

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Ah, OK. That makes sense too. We’d like to see some better workout to workout comparison tools as well. My hack works a bit, but is a pain and still doesn’t give all I would like to see. Hopefully they can improve both aspects.

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A very very rough test of repeatability, if we’re defining it as “ability to do hard efforts when fatigued”, might be: do the ramp test, then 2 minutes or whatever into the cooldown, switch to manual mode if you’re not already in it, and see what power you can produce for 1 minute.

Then you could track that 1 minute power both as a raw number, and as a percentage of the ramp test result you got.

This is a great work around for checking repeatability on particularly outdoor rides. I sometimes create intervals manually which I ( now )notice you can do right from the results of your specific power/time (search). Thanks for this. I’ve never used this search feature before.

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Yeah, for example, in the screenshots I posted, the 9 vo2 intervals I did in yesterday’s workout would have all been between my 2nd and 3rd previous all time highs for 3 minutes. For some reason they didn’t load, which would be nicer, but I could still get the takeaway I was looking for - that I was able to repeat close to what were previously one-time extra effort instances.

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