Power graph improvement?

So I love the power graph & how you can make different seasons. But what if you could make one for different power meters by tagging a ride?

I previously ran stages, which imo gave a slightly inflated power reading, so getting power PRs are hard to come by, despite being stronger. I also run powertap pedals outdoors now, and used a friends wattbike indoors. I’ll be getting my own turbo soon.

So I was thinking, what if you could have an all time power graph, an indoor one and an outdoor one. Or as I mentioned previously, one for each individual power meter?

Or easier yet, a graph specifically for TR rides and another for ‘other’?


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Thanks for the feedback! We won’t be making alternate power graphs for the near future, but one option you have is to reset your personal records here: https://www.trainerroad.com/profile/reset/personal-records

This would clear all the old Stages data from your personal records chart.


There is also the option for each ride to exclude that data from personal records.