Repeatability Benchmarks?

Hey folks - I was wondering if anyone had come across any repeatability benchmarks, that would help identify limiters. Could be a useful input into whether it’s time to work on raising a portion of your power curve, or working on hitting that power multiple times.

For example - the Coggan power profile (good example here: is really helpful in showing things like, my 1 minute power is lower than my 5 minute power on a relative basis so I should work on that. But I was looking for something similar for repeatability. An example would be, “you should be able to hit 80% of your personal best 10 times”, so if my best 1 minute power is 500 watts, then I should be able to do 10x1 minute at 400 watts (just making that example up). If I could only hit that 400 watt target 5 times I would work on more efforts at that level, but if I could do it 15 times then it’s time to raise that 1 minute power.


This would be a fun question to answer if I had access to the TrainerRoad “Big Data” store, just find some interval workouts with ~50% completion rate and try to see if a picture emerged for what interval repeats are too easy, too hard, or just right…

You do have access to it.

It’s the workouts in the Build and Specialty plans. Not exactly what you’re looking for, but easy to extrapolate.

Good call - that makes sense to look there. For many of the build plans there’s a nice 3 week progression of very similar workouts, e.g. 8x1 to 9x1 to 10x1, which implies that 8x1 is the “you should be able to do this” level and 10x1 is the “time to up the watts” level. Thanks for the good common sense callout here.