Repeat a whole week of training

Weird question. I have a business trip planned in the middle of a training block. But I was also smart enough to have an “extra” week built into my training. This biz trip is going to be 4 days long and due to the fact it falls during the high volume sustained power week.

How do you feel about doing the 3 workouts during the trip week but then the next week just repeat the whole week? So basically that block of training turns into 9 weeks long as opposed to 8 weeks long.

Appreciate your insight.

I am happy to offer an opinion, but for clarity, I am not THE Coach Chad Timmerman from TrainerRoad. I am just a regular guy, TR fan, and avid forum participant. That said, here are some thoughts.

In Sustained Power, you get two recovery weeks (Weeks 4 and 8). So, depending on exactly where your travel week falls in that, you might have different options.

Where exactly (week number) does your current travel plan fall in the plan?


thx for letting me know that.

@Jonathan Could I get your coaching insight to this question? thx

Jonathan isn’t on here quite as much due to his other responsibilities here at TrainerRoad, but @mcneese.chad and I are more than capable to assist you with questions like this :slight_smile:

If you could let us know which recovery week you are referring to (Week 4 or Week 8), we should be able to provide some solid advice :+1:.

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Hi @Bryce, thx for the intel.

  • Week 1 - good to go
  • Week 2 - good to go
  • Week 3 - can only do 3 days
  • Week 4 - good to go
  • Week 5 - good to go
  • Week 6 - good to go
  • Week 7 - good to go
  • Week 8 - good to go
  • Week 9 - left open

My question is since Week 9 is completely open, should I repeat week 3?

My 2019 goals are:
Finish DK 200 (6/1)
Finish Leadville Trail 100 MTB (8/10)
Finish Natchez Trace 444 (10/6)

My background is:
I’m 52
Former Category 1 on the road (retired 16 years ago - came back last year)
Finished 2018 Leadville in 12:10 - as my first race on an MTB.

I come from the old school concept that volume is king but have become a fan of TR thinking. I finished SS Base mid volume 1 and 2 and starting Sustained power high volume on Monday. I read somewhere here that for DK200 I should do the Speciality plan of Century.


With the way your schedule lays out, repeating Week 3 would be a very good use of your time :+1:.

It sounds like you have your season really well thought out, and from the look of it, your plan is exactly what I would recommend!

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

regarding Ramp Test - the last 2 times I did it as soon as I failed I was stuck. Literally couldn’t turn the pedal and had to get off the bike in deep red and then figure out a way to start another easy workout or something to cool down.

Is there a button or something you hit on the mac interface to yank the resistance down so you can start cooling down?

When your legs are tapped out, all you need to do is hit the pause button, and then “complete test”. This will switch you over to the cooldown portion.


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