Relentless Updates

I realise this may be a cry for mercy from a place of considerable privilege–good software, keenly maintained–but am I alone in finding the update schedule for the TR app so frequent as to be annoying? There seems to be an update to the software every single day, mostly with ‘under the hood’ improvements cited. This means that every time I open the app I then need to install an update, then reopen it. In terms of the user experience of running the programme, this means I am getting a considerably worse time than when the odd small thing occasionally just didn’t work!

I suspect a sparer schedule, perhaps one update per week, would be preferable for users. I’m willing to be corrected if other users haven’t felt the same frustration.

How long do updates take for you? It was usually less than a minute and done before I even hopped on the bike when I was using TR. Granted, my flow was open the app to let it start up, then put on my shoes and grab a towel, hop on the bike and TR was ready to go. So even with updates it was ready by the time I put my shoes on and got on the bike.


What platform are you using?
I am running TR on Android and updates auto-install. No need to close, install update, restart.

I personally see no cause for concern with the update frequency. As @Junk_Miles mentions, it takes < 1 minute to update… it’s on average about 30 seconds on my older 2012 MacBook Pro, which is easily handled while putting on my shoes, etc.

If the update frequency keeps the app running in tip top shape by squashing bugs/keeping up to date with any security issues/etc, I’m perfectly happy giving it the 30 seconds to do it thing several times per week while I’m STILL getting ready!

YMMV, or course!

EDIT: One additional point is that it might be nice IF TR detailed out WHAT the “under the hood improvements” actually are when those updates come out that are ONLY that…

This post is just a list of reasons why an app might update. I think we’re all familiar with most of the reasons, but there may be some unfamiliar reasons.

Some teams publish .0X / minor updates all at once and less frequently. TR seams to do it continuously.

This is just a list, not an opinion.

Apps update for various reasons, including:

  1. Bug Fixes: To resolve errors and glitches present in the previous version.
  2. Security: To address security vulnerabilities and enhance data protection.
  3. Performance: To improve the app’s speed, responsiveness, and overall performance.
  4. Compatibility: To ensure the app works seamlessly with the latest operating systems and devices.
  5. New Features: To introduce new functionalities, enhancing user experience.
  6. User Feedback: To incorporate suggestions and feedback from users, making the app more user-friendly.
  7. Compliance: To comply with changing legal requirements, regulations, or industry standards.
  8. UI/UX Improvements: To enhance the app’s user interface and user experience, making it more intuitive and visually appealing.
  9. Server-Side Changes: To update server-related configurations and improve server performance.
  10. Stability: To enhance the app’s stability, reducing crashes and unexpected shutdowns.
  11. Battery Efficiency: To optimize the app’s energy usage, conserving device battery life.
  12. Localization: To add support for additional languages or improve existing translations.
  13. Integration: To integrate with new services, APIs, or platforms.
  14. Monetization: To implement changes related to ads, subscriptions, or in-app purchases.
  15. Testing: To roll out changes tested in beta versions, ensuring they work as intended for all users.

I’m use TR primarily on a Windows PC and I get an update notification multiple times per week. It usually says it’ll take effect with the next app restart, so I can typically get going with my workout. It is a minor annoyance but nothing that holds up my workouts.


I don’t disagree with any of the posts here: necessary updates, very welcome, momentary inconvenience, minor frustration. I’m really interested in others’ tolerance for these minor annoyances. I think I’m an outlier!

No change log or historical release notes for TR.

I have been using iOS via an iPad for the last year or so. Updates are instant upon opening the app. I get a popup telling me there was an update. No delay. Previously I used a Windows laptop. That required an install and restart which did cause a delay however if I recall there was an option to proceed with the workout and update at the next restart.


@DXR, there IS a change log within the app (at least on the Mac side). I’m not in front of my computer at the moment, but if my memory isn’t currently failing me, I believe it’s under the “support” menu within the app. From there, you can find the historical release notes.

Regarding my “under the hood…” comment, it ONLY says that in those notes, however.

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The core of my question is really something like: how often do you folk do the vacuuming? I’m a whole-house-once-a-week kind of person, but it seems like most are one-room-per-day. More inconvenience at less frequent intervals vs less inconvenience at more frequent intervals.

I’m not interested in the details of vacuuming, but accept that it’s necessary.

Interesting, thank you.

Yup, on Andriod app it’s in the Support section, bottom of the list in “What’s New?”.

There is a similar option on all players AFAIK.


I find it frustrating sometimes as it seems everytime I open the app anymore it wants to do an update. I don’t find it a huge problem as it doesn’t take that long. But I have found problems where it’s getting more buggy. The app will sometimes drop my power meter and trainer and stop start the ride a few times. And I’ve even had the app freeze up completely mid ride as well where I have to force quit it and restart it to continue riding. It seems this is happening more and more which is getting in my nervous a bit. I use a Mac book pro and have for years before without problems. Maybe it could be my computer and time for a new one but who knows.

Pc user and exact the same experience for me, also similar issues occurs from time to time. Frozen app during workout is the most frustraining. Speed of the app is also getting worse since 2019.

I feel like I shouldn’t complain that the TR team is always improving the platform and fixing bugs.

But, yea, it gets a bit annoying that it needs updates so frequently. I’d rather see a larger update less frequently.

But again, it’s great to have devs fixing stuff.


+1. Use TR on my iPhone. I open the app, click ok and go. No issues or delays at all.

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I find quite annoying opening the app on my pc and what feels every time have an update.
Yes, I can do my WO
Yes, everything works just great
Yes, I can update it in the background,
but knowing that I have an update pending just annoys me. (yet for only about 3 seconds)

Releasing them once a week would be a better user experience.

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I feel this. I get annoyed with things like this (i.e. slow internet) yet I remember when we had to wait minutes for dial up internet to connect… Or hit the number pad on our phones to scroll through letters to send a text. :laughing:


I find it annoying too especially if I’m blocked from using the app immediately. A little flag like “updates available” or “the app will be updated on the next restart” is preferable.

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