Release Notes somewhere?

Are the app update notes available somewhere? Installed a new update this morning and couldn’t scroll down to read all the notes on the update.

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Hey Corey,

At the moment, it is not possible to view release notes after the fact, however, these are the most recent updates:

Group Workouts
· Added a configurable noise gate that shuts when you aren’t talking - this can be adjusted under Settings.
· Added a visual indication of who is talking.
· Added the ability to choose to display your first name instead of your username.
· Added the ability to choose to display your target in %FTP instead of raw watts.
· Added the ability to choose to display or hide your cadence and heart rate data.
· Added a more reliable connection spinner when athletes first join a room.
· Fixed some copy around the number of athletes permitted - up to 11 athletes can join a single Group Workout.
· Fixed an issue where the camera “off” icon could show over an athlete’s video while their camera was “on”.
· Fixed issue where you could be unable to select a new webcam if the active video source became disconnected.
Other Improvements
· Improved the application update process by adding better messaging and displaying completed download percentage.

We are actually meeting today to discuss how we want to address the issue of sharing Release Notes after the initial update :+1:


Would be really nice, especially when running Beta Releases. Then can see where things might go awry if that happens (note I had the scroll down issue too - I could not view most of the release notes)

I really really really like the way YNAB does it. Not to technical but with enough insights and some short demo-video/gifs of new functionality: