Software Updates and Reloading

Maybe it’s just me, but it would be really nice if I didn’t have to reload training plans, workouts, career history, etc. every time there is a software update.

I invariably get notices of these just as I’m starting a workout. Even if I put off downloading the software, I eventually get to the point where I have to re-pair all my devices… sometimes this happens quickly… sometimes… not so much. And of course, I have also found that the software updates can “break” other things I have going… such as pairing my BT headphones.

I know you guys are just trying to make the software better, but I’ve been using the program for a pretty long time… all this reloading takes a good amount of time.

Not sure why you have to reload everything, my updates happen and it’s seemless. I don’t even know when it’s happened. Do you have auto update on so it updates when you’re not using it?

Where do I turn on auto update? I don’t find it anywhere. I’m use TR on a Mac.

Ditto really. Never had a problem with the updates (yet !). Absolutely love TR, complete revelation for me !

Not sure on a Mac, I use the TR App on a IPad.

Hm… It would appear I’m missing something. Where do I turn on auto updates? Incidentally, today TR reloaded activities and I need to re-pair sensors. As far as I know, I did nothing to cause this after yesterday’s workout.

On pc, when you load the app, there is green text line at the top of the screen when they have a new update. You simply close the app and launch it again.

I don’t know if Mac is the same?

Theres never any problems on my iPhone

no answer on the Mac question… anyone know? Does it autoupdate? Just loaded the new beta, and I hope that it does update automatically.

On the new beta a bar will appear across the top of the TrainerRoad window and you can click the text to update. I’m running the latest macOS Mojave.

TR is frequently updating the new beta app that was launched in the forum last week.

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That’s good to know. Love the new software, but slightly concerned that requiring Bluetooth 4 is gonna be a problem for older devices. Like my old MacBook Air that is used solely for TR and internet browsing …

How come
Every time I open the software (beta windows 10) it takes at least 15 minutes to load the calendar and workouts. Note, this is not me selecting update, it happens every time! Very frustrating!

Contact for repeat issues like this.