I HATE forced updates

It seems that every third of fourth update, you break my installation. Even MicroSoft lets me choose if I want the next round of OS changes or not. For this app, if mine is working why force it? It’s a crappy customer experience.

The latest error reads “Uncaught Exception: Syntax Error parsing c:\user.…\package.json. Unexpected Token”

Latest update. Uninstalling and reinstalling the software gets the same error. That’s it. I’m done.

Send your info to tech support. They’ll fix it.

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I did - Thanks!

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Never had any issues in the 5+ years of using TR including several years running the beta app. And updates aren’t forced if you never close the app


I haven’t had issues with updates crashing everything, but I hate how often the desktop software updates. It seems like it’s weekly. I’m all for constant improvement, but man…consolidate those things and do a bigger update quarterly or something. I can’t think of any other software I’ve used in my 25+ years of using computers that requires updating as much as TR does.


Running TrainerRoad on MacOS here, and never had a crash. Yes, I frequently get the option to update to the latest software, but this does not cause any problem here.

Suggest you add some more details such as OS version, TrainerRoad version and a screenshot of the error. Also, contact customer service. They are very friendly.

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Interestingly, after the last update I was exactly half way through a workout when TR auto closed. I sat closed because as it crashed it saved the Workout. And immediately pushed it to strava. So I reopen the software, complete the workout, it pushes the completed workout to strava, prompts me with the survey but never updates the workout as completed in TR, never updates my progression bars, TSS, ect. It’s like the Second half of the workout was lost.

I spoke to tech support. We logged out and in. Reloaded. Rebooted. They said wait a day I did. Workout’s gone. But in strava. It shows it as complete. With progression updated and all stats are there.

They said they “fixed it” on the back end but it’s not my workout. I believe they copied the first half to the second half. It’s a pretty obvious hack as I had dropped the intensity on the last set and it’s not reflected on the ride. And the two rides from strava and TR don’t match. That and my HR stays continuous throughout the warm down. Like 160’s all the way to the end of the workout. Hopefully they fix the glitch in the next update. No biggie. Just humorous.

Consolidating would just delay updates. Why wait?

No batching, fast iteration is generally a sign of a fairly optimised process.

Ive never had issues with updates, and use TR ~daily (although have been so for a bit less than a year)


Exactly. Very happy with the way it is done in TrainerRoad. It checks for updates and downloads in the background, and will use the new version the next time you start the app. This means that you always have a fairly new version and bugs gets fixed as soon as possible.


There must be a reason why it crashed. Maybe you need to update some other things on your computer as well. As mentioned, share some more (objective) information about your crash if you would like some help.

TrainerRoad is a cross platform application running NodeJS and .Net Core AFAIK. Could be some differences in the way errors are handled in the different platforms. Maybe an issue with the Bluetooth sensor core, which would be Windows specific. But as mention, it has never crashed on my MacOS.

Not sure show much more information I can share. I don’t know why it crashed or even if it technically crashed as it saved and pushed the 1/2 completed workout to other devices. What was more interesting is when I finally completed the workout. And answered the survey response before turning the iPad off it didn’t record any of the metrics or show the ride as completed. That has nothing to do with the “crash” and in my experience is abnormal. Is it related to a specific software update? I don’t know. But I also never said it did.

Hey! Regular updates are super important because we fix bugs and release new features that will help you get faster. :slightly_smiling_face:

Im going to open a line of communication to get those of you in this thread experiencing trouble all squared away. Please keep an eye on your email @AussieRider @JimAdams. :+1:


One issue I have seen happen to me several times with updates is that it slows the calendar from updating. I use a PC laptop to run TrainerRoad. If I don’t use if for several days the calendar in the app will be out of date and my planned workout for the day is not synced. When I open the app and it starts downloading the latest update it seems to block/slow the calendar from updating which is frustrating in the morning when I need to get my workout done and get to work.

Also, the updates seem to take a long time to download sometimes. I thought it was my Wifi speed in the basement which isn’t the best, but even when I take the laptop upstairs where I get great Wifi coverage it still seems to take a while to download.

I just updated to TR 2023.5.227 on my MacBook running Monterrey version 12.6.3. TR keeps crashing with a SIGSEGV when I try to recalibrate my Kinetic Smart Control trainer. It would be nice to be able to downgrade to an earlier version to see if the crash goes away. The Kinetic trainer is fairly new to me. I don’t have to calibrate my Tacx, so I don’t exercise the Calibration portion of TR when I use the Tacx.

I understand that, but I’m in the camp that also literally hates the frequent updates - not necessarily forced, but just all of them.

I love the app and training programs - it works well for me, and I don’t really care about any updates nor improvements. It’s the opposite - I want it as simple as possible. Update with big features from time to time is okay and interesting, but other than that, it just pisses me off that every second session there is an update to install.

Also following some updates (which I don’t care about at all), I did too have some things broken (be it on the web interface, or the app).

So yeah, from the user perspective, a slower rollout cycle sound like an idea very worth of consideration.

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I’m also not a fan of the frequent updates. I’ve had a post about this in my mind for several months but have held off on it until now. I don’t want to sound unappreciative of all the hard work the devs are doing to improve the app, but it’s very rare that I can see any real benefit from an update. If these happened in the background without any user impact, then there wouldn’t be any concern, but they’ve gotten more impactful. Firstly is the frequency - last year alone the mac app was updated nearly 50 times! Each time an update is installed the user is forced to enter admin credentials and restart the app. Yes, you can ignore the neg and delay the update until later, but it’s still annoying. Secondly, in the past few months I’ve noticed that if I don’t reboot my mac after an update I experience oddness with powermatch. TR will be calling for x watts on the screen, but only ERGing to x/2 watts on my trainer. A reboot clears this up, but I’m not running windows. Why should I need to reboot after each TR update? Thirdly, for the past several months everytime I close the app it effectively crashes, asking if I want to ignore the issue or report the problem. Every time.

Sure, these are all minor nits, and yes, the devs are working to improve the product. I am grateful. I just wonder if they need to release quite so frequently? CI/CD is all well and great, but not quite so much when it has an impact on the end user. This isn’t a web app where continuous updates will be transparent to the user.

This is actually something Zwift does quite well. There aren’t a lot of Zwift updates - once a month at the most, usually less - but when there is an update it happens almost transparently. The patch is downloaded and applied without any user interaction and it’s fast.

TR, please rethink your release cycle. Love the improvements, but would much, much prefer a quarterly release with all the goodness that you’ve cooked up over 2-3 months instead of loads of weekly updates with no obvious benefit.


P.S. It sure would be awesome if the release notes could be posted outside of the app; and not only immediately after an update.

This must be a settings thing because I never have to enter credentials. It’s just a 5-10 second app restart on my MacBook. I don’t mind them because I see it as “I can do an app restart faster than I can put on one of my shoes and tighten my boas”. If I had to do passwords, it would definitely bug me.

On the other hand, I HATE Zwift updates because they seem to happen weekly and they take a LONG time to finish and I find myself standing around waiting for them to complete so that I can re-start the app.

Odd that we have opposite experiences.


What annoys me is that after all the updates someone at TR hasn’t had the job to spell check, check durations etc of all the workouts. I find it quite amateurish.

Never had to re-enter credentials either. These are admin credentials @fcorrao mentions - so not TR login, correct? That looks like an OS setting, where you’re apparently using an account which does not have install privilege on the device.