Is there a way to stop auto updates on windows?

As per title, I’ve never known an app have so many updates, can the auto update be turnwd off? Its infuriating

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Or possibly have a tray icon that could alert us to update when one is pushed so it’s updated before we open for a workout.

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I don’t have an answer to this, but I guess I don’t see the issue. When I open the program, there’s usually an update, but I’m still able to select my workout and the update works in the background as I’m training. Then when I’m done with the workout, along the top of the window, it’ll say something like “There’s and updated version, restart app to use”. I don’t pay it much mind as it never affects me or my workouts.

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I always try to get the latest update so I have all the latest little updated to the app and stuff. It would suck if something they fixed affected the workout I’m about to do. Having that rattle around while doing my workout can be distracting for me.

You can simply ignore them. If you don’t go ahead and restart, the update is installed the next time you start TR. Getting an update 24 hours later is not going to break anything.

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It’s the download itself ratherthan restarting. It sucks up so much bandwidth wise that it affects other people in the house. Id rathera prompr which says ‘there’s an update, download now or later’. For me, later every time.

I don’t know how big those files are, I assume not very - and since I tend to watch streaming media while I train, the updates would pale in bandwidth usage to whatever else I’m doing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Shorth of air-gapping the device on which you run TR, I don’t really see a way (not mentioning getting a decent internet connection, of course).

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A dialup modem isn’t a decent connection?

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What is this, the 1980s?


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It works for everything else, what can I say? I strugggle to see the need for so many updates personally. Nevermind. Its a 21st century problem.

V34 was the 90s , it was somewhat slower dialling up to the Internet in the 80s.

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Hey, that’s a courier, not some cheap winmodem, should be fast. I just used a cheap Sportster modem back then

And a courier so updatable firmware to make them faster.

Software used to be waterfall with large releases and long waits between releases. Now its more small updates. Much faster to fix issues this way

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Some more or less expert options:

  • If the updater is a different exe => that could be blocked in firewall.
  • If the update URL has specific IP range (different from usual TR IPs) => that could be blocked in firewall.
  • If update URL uses a name/alias => that could be inserted in hosts file as loopback
  • Use TR in offline mode

One thing that really bugs me is that every time it does an update, which is most days, it unpins itself from the taskbar :disappointed:

The pinning is a windows thing for an exe file. Old exe gets replaced by new so no pinning

Maybe you can make a link to the exe or a batch/ps1 that calls the exe and pin that instead…

Good shout :ok_hand: