Relentless Updates

  • This is exactly what happens in Windows app and I am guessing similar for Mac. Green header line at the top with that text, and the app functions normally without a need to restart if people just want to get on with whatever purpose they had at launch.

  • Android just loads and shows the update info so I wouldn’t call that “blocked”. Even with my old Galaxy S9, it loads about the same time (30 seconds or so) such that I don’t notice a big difference between regular loads or updated ones.

  • No idea what happens on Apple mobile?


Yes, I’ve used both a Mac and PC and it is exactly as you described. I never restart my app, just go about my business knowing that the next time I work out it will be updated. The green bar at the top is just part of the scenery at this point. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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A lot of my standalone SaaS apps use the “Install now or next time you open [app name]?”, which is nice if it’s the type that requires an app restart.

Mine updates when I’m asleep, never seen it “block me”

Find it more interesting than problematic that there have been 4 updates to ios this week though


Been a flurry this week, but skimming back on my Android list, it is roughly 1 update per week back through May. Could be different between platforms, but 1/wk seems reasonable to me generally speaking.

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Same on the iPad. It updates in the background and the only reason that I know anything happened is a get a splash screen saying that there was an update. It’s a non-issue.


It’s the same on iOS, 1 week is a very short sprint / release cycle … but , well anyway

(Release notes in the Whats new section)

My conspiracy theory…

Fixing things for Wv2 release! :upside_down_face:


Hey y’all,

The app updates are, of course, focused on improving app performance – we’ve made a lot of progress on improving app speed, especially on mobile devices recently! :tada:

We’re also paving the way for some new features that are gonna be on the way soon! :soon:


THIS!!! :100:

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It honestly takes maybe 15 seconds to install and you can choose to ignore it until your next startup if you prefer. I can’t imagine preferring to have something not work properly over waiting a whole 15 seconds (or even if your device is slow, let’s say 30 seconds). As a suggestion to minimize the frustration, just change up your start order. Start TR, click install, put on shoes. It will be done before you are.


Ditto, I start the TR app right after my PC fires up. It loads while I am getting setup with shoes, HRM, water and other pre-ride stuff. If I see the green bar and still have stuff to finish, I reboot it. Otherwise I just hop on and ride.


I like to keep things up to date so I get it, but I think what they are doing is better than my experience with Zwift where occasionally when you fire it up it’s going to take an extra few minutes before you can start because the updates are forced and automatic.

  • FYI, I think Z has fully implemented the “upgrade later” option as well. I know I saw it last night but chose to update since I wanted the new route.


The worst is when you’re running late for something organized and it just feels like Zwift takes FOREVER :man_facepalming:


Yup, that’s why the new option to delay got added. The only hiccup is if you are aiming for a ride that requires the latest version (like the recent route update) where you would need to accept the update rather than delay.


I don’t know why you making such a fuss about nothing. Making a Mountain out of Molehill.

You can download any update while actually doing a workout, and when you finish and shut it down it installs. There is no imperative.


I’ve never been bothered by the pace of the updates. I just wish they would actually improve the abysmal speed of the android app. I’ve recently seen that it is faster to just to go the website on my phone than use the app.

  • Not sure if you’ve seen it, but this has been in active development for a while (beta per my testing) and is now released on the main app. Could be worth re-checking and giving feedback in the topic below.
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