Rejected adaptations, would like to accept. Can I go back?

After my last ride, TR “checked adaptations”. I initially rejected, but would like to go back and accept those adaptations.
Is there any way to undo this?
I looked on the forum, but didn’t see anything.

Thanks in adavance

Best to ask at for starters.

While waiting for the answer, depending on when you next workout is set, AT might trip the trigger on the next day, and offer the same adaptations, but am guessing a bunch based on various stuff I have seen since way back on beta.

Okay I’ll shoot them an email. If I get the answer, I’ll reply to this thread for other folks. Thank you!

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it will give them back to you if you reject, do another workout, and then it sees you need to make them

A very hacky way I have used is go back to the workout that triggered those adaptations, click on your post workout survey response, and hit save on your answer again. That usually makes the system check for adaptations again and will most likely suggest the ones you initially declined.

If that doesn’t work trying changing to your response to a different answer, hitting save, and then resetting it to your initial, ‘correct’ response and hitting save once more.

Again, very hacky but it has worked for me.


i’ll add to this that sometimes you need to give it some time, for some reason i’ll do a survey and it says no adaptions, then 12hrs later i get something.

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This worked for me. Thanks Patrick!


I dunno this sounds like a SOLID loophole strategy to me! :joy: