Adaptive training - accidentally rejected adaptions

With adaptive training, is there a way of getting the adaptions to re-run if you accidentally reject them?

If you contact support, they should be able to re-run the process for you.


They always come back after I exit and return, even when I don’t want them to.

I often accept even if I have no intention of doing the adaptation, just to stop getting the prompt to accept/reject.


Agreed. Especially if you open TR on another device. I wish it wasn’t a bulk accept. But the suggestions often come back.

Yup. AT does not seem to take no for an answer.

Opened the app on a different device and it ran the adaptions, so all sorted

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Interesting… I wanted to do this last week but couldnt on same device, it didnt re-offer them on the same day, I did a session that maybe made the adaptions no longer relevant?

If it happens again I’ll try the 2nd device option.

What about the other way around. If you accept the adaptions can you revert. When I opened the adaptations it accepted before I reviewed them… there is another thread on if this is a bug.

Never seen the reverse. I usually accept down. Rarely up. I often get crushed with the suggestion up intensity. Could be mental? Guess it’s a long way to say when TR thinks I should go down it’s often right.

Not that I’m aware of.