Auto accept adaptations under Adaptive Training (AT) - Feature Request

Can I / How Do I set TR to automatically accept adaptations proposed by AT? I saw a screenshot somewhere with a checkbox for ‘Always Adapt’ next to the ‘Review Adaptations’ when proposed, but I’m not seeing that on the web or iOS app.


It was there at one time, but they may have removed it.

Any clarification on this, @IvyAudrain?

This was probably a screenshot of an early version of AT. We decided the transparency of seeing how AT is adapting your plan (e.g. which workouts are being adapted and how) was important and warranted the preview and option to accept or cancel. Hope that helps!


Welcome back! I hope you have had a great maternity leave!

Yes, although I don’t know whether that tradeoff is worth it and makes sense. A lot that AT does is ephemeral anyway, e. g. AFAIK there is no PL history to look at and dissect. And once you accept adaptations, there is no trace of the previous workout.

In view of that, the necessity to manually confirm adaptations seems counter to how AT works in every other respect. And if you want to reject adaptations (as I tried to last season), oh boy, are you in for a barrage of dialogs. Because every time AT wants to make some adaptations, it wants to do all adaptations. (Think of the situation that I want to override AT’s sweet spot workout suggestions, but use the suggested adaptations for threshold — how would I do that?)

So I’d at least have the option to accept adaptations by default. For sure I’d opt in and never look back.

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I’ve been thinking the same thing since I got in the beta in may. I’d rather it just adapt automatically too, a “completely surrender to the machine” checkbox would be perfect


Note that I didn’t say we had ruled it out :wink:


Also, thank you! Leave was wonderful! :hugs:


Such a valuable time, isn’t it?
(I came back from a week of paternity leave last week. Glad to see TR gave you more than that! Should be the norm.)

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I asked about it because while I reviewed them at first, now I just click accept because TR does a good job with choosing adaptations.

Perhaps you could add it under settings rather than presenting the checkbox next to the accept button. I went to /account/adaptive training hoping you’d moved it there. If you put it there no one gets annoyed every time there are adaptations regardless of which camp they fall in (I want to review all adaptations vs I just want to accept all adaptations).


:100: It was wonderful and so needed. I often think how lucky I am to work for a company that walks the walk on how they support all of their employees including parents, but that thought is quickly followed by the realization that it shouldn’t feel lucky so much as it should feel normal.


Just a meta question: for more complex feedback where input from several users might be useful to you, do you still prefer an email or a discussion in the forum?

I am asking, because sometimes I can only describe the problem to you but not the solution. And even if I know the precise feature I want, you at TR might already be working on this feature and you might not want to give anything away to me, I could get a non-committal, vague response. Or you have a different solution to the problem I have. Sorry if this is too wishy-washy., please! For a couple of reasons,

  1. Some of the feedback as a feature suggestion may have been already fixed, so the team can look at your ride log and see what versions of TR you’re on that could be making that issue stick around, the full scope of your devices, if your workouts arent being credited towards AT and thats causing issues, etc.
  2. It helps us better document feedback, issues, and bugs grouped by type internally when submitted via support email, so we can keep better track of the athletes it impacts, and what devices and settings they use that correlate.
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Any further info on this? I’ve heard a few people that would like an option to just auto adapt without any prompt etc.

Could this be a new feature/feature request?


No news here, but I will merge the related posts as appropriate. Seems I missed one and we have a split at present.


Could there be / is there a setting to just “accept all adaptations”? I end up always accepting adaptions and would prefer to just #trusttheprocess

Thanks for awesome software, and an awesome series of podcasts!

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OK, found a related one and merged it. I edited this topic title and added Feature Request there as well as a tag.

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Jus to confirm, is it possible then to skip the preview and accept the adaptions automatically?

No, it’s not possible.

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I get a wink in now and again.


Bump, any update on this one?