Why do adaptations continue to be suggested even without new completed workouts?

Hello, just curious something I have been noticing with AT. I did a ride yesterday morning. No immediate adaptations were suggested on my phone. Later that morning while working I got some adaptations recommended through my browser while logged into TR.
This again happened later in the afternoon, and then just now the next day, all with no new ride being completed.
I am curious why all of the adaptations were not recommended at once, following the most recent ride (that I presume is being used to recommend adaptations)?

Did you accept any or all of the suggested adaptations?

Outside of that, it’s best to email support@trainerroad.com so they can review the background logs.


I’ve noticed that if you ignore or decline an adaptation it keep suggesting every time you log in

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On the first point the suggested adaptations don’t seem to always come immediately post ride. I assume completing a ride triggers a process that takes some indeterminate amount of time to complete (probably queue based), so you may not see suggested adaptions until the next time you are on the site/in the app.


Thanks for all of the replies.
I do accept adaptations as soon as I see and review them.
I am thinking it is just the result of additional analysis and the time required to do.
They all make sense and are similar, they just don’t all get recommended at the same time.
Thanks for the feedback.

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