Red Light Green Light is Available in Early Access! ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰

This announcement was for the Early Access release of Red Light Green Light.

For continued discussion of Red Light Green Light, please refer to the new thread of the production release here: Red Light Green Light is now released to all TrainerRoad athletes! ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽ‰

Today, weโ€™re excited to announce the launch of a new TrainerRoad feature that will change the way you train: Red Light Green Light (or RLGL)! This new feature will track your training fatigue, show you when youโ€™re overdoing it, and offer smart adaptations to your training plan to prevent long-term fatigue. That includes a new type of adaptation: Rest Days!

Weโ€™re launching to Early Access firstโ€”we want your feedback.

What is Red Light Green Light?

Red Light Green Light is a new feature that integrates directly with Adaptive Training and your Calendar. It looks at your recent and long term training history, assesses your fatigue level, and adapts your training accordingly.

Think of it like the old playground game and namesake, or like a traffic light. When youโ€™re pushing the envelope a bit too far, RLGL will tell you to slow down or come to a brief stop.

How Does It Work?

After enabling RLGL from the Early Access screen, youโ€™ll start seeing red and yellow days appear on your Calendar. Go ahead and scroll backwards to times in the past when youโ€™ve trained or ridden a lot if you want to get a glimpse of how RLGL mightโ€™ve affected your training before.

Yellow days show up when youโ€™re starting to move into that โ€œpotentially unproductiveโ€ territory. You might have stacked a couple of intense days in a row without adequate recovery, or added some unexpected volume from an outside ride. Workouts scheduled on a yellow day will adapt down to an Endurance workout.

Reducing the intensity of your yellow days will get you back on track to successful and productive training.

Sometimes, you may need more than an Endurance workout. Thatโ€™s where red days come inโ€ฆ

Red days will show on your Calendar after youโ€™ve either dug too deep or have done too much.Workouts scheduled on red days will adapt to Rest Days.

When youโ€™ve gone into the red, more training stress wonโ€™t be beneficialโ€”in fact, it might even set you back. Thatโ€™s why weโ€™ll adapt your calendar to a Rest Day. Youโ€™ve earned it!

Why Red Light Green Light?

Sometimes, itโ€™s hard to know when youโ€™re fatigued. Fatigue can build up over time, and by the time you notice it, it may be too late. Red Light Green Light was developed to prevent you from getting into a state of unproductive long-term fatigue. Your training should always be aligned with your capacity to recover, and RLGL does that. Now you not only know when your training fatigue is building up unproductively, but you also get personalized recommendations on how to handle it and get back on track.

Enabling Red Light Green Light

Go to the Early Access section in your profile: Log In to TrainerRoad

There youโ€™ll see a Red Light Green Light section. Go ahead and enable it. From there, youโ€™ll start seeing yellow and red days on your Calendar (even in the past - have a look at your past training!) and will start getting adaptations as RLGL works moving forward!

Weโ€™re so excited to share this with you and Iโ€™m so proud of our team for building this new feature. I really think itโ€™ll change the way you train and help you get faster.

If youโ€™ve got any feedback or run into any bugs, please discuss in this post or reach out to me. You can also email!

Check out the Help Center article for more information, including FAQs, here:

Thanks very much!


What sort of biometric information. HRV, Subjective Scores, Morning Resting Heart Rate?


I seem to be hitting red days every week :joy:


Will we have the option to accept/decline RLGL adaptations, like AT adaptations? Will they come as separate adaptations or will they lump in together?

And also feature request/suggestion: It would be cool to see our RLGL history over a longer period of time, like here:

Hi, I am new to trainerroad and cycling (currently in my second month of trainerroad/cycling, former runner transitioning to triathlon). I typically do a 2:1 work to recovery week and cycle 7 days a week with several days of doubles with running/swimming. The red light green light seems like a fantastic function to make sure I am not digging in the hole too deep, but just looking at my recent workout log, it seems that itโ€™ll typically log my Sundays as โ€œredโ€ days after an endurance ride despite it typically be quite normal for me to do a workout 7 days a week. It also labeled the mondays as a โ€œyellowโ€ day after the red Sundays. Is this a function of CTL and fatigue, or is this just the preference with trainerroad that typically the schedules are set to 6 days on and a rest day with 3:1 work:recovery weeks? I guess my concern is that my preferences of working out daily with more frequent recovery weeks doesnโ€™t fit any of the current plans and it will be adapted to more frequent rest days than Iโ€™d prefer. I am currently running a polarized high volume with 12-14hrs of cycling + 2hrs of swimming/running a week (previously running 12-14hrs a week so I know I can tolerate more volume as I continue to build my base)

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I image just your heartrate during the workout. TR doesnโ€™t scrape biometric data from your Apple Health or Apple Health equivalent appโ€ฆat least not yet.

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I need much more information to be interested(yes i read the faq).

Understanding what and why i am doing something is 70%+ of my motivation. for me a simple traffic light without the numbers would be just an irritant.

Currently I use ATC/CTL/TSB, but even Friel, Hunter, Coogan all say recovery rates wiliest affected by rest, diet, age, etc they remain individual to the athleate. So transparency will for me essential.


Is this only on the web? Not seeing it in iOS

Excellent, quick run through of the calendar and it is looking much usefulโ€ฆ and aligns generally with when Iโ€™ve chosen to take days off historically.

So far, so good. :ok_hand:


Looks that way. I see it on my laptop, but not IOS

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Thank you to the TrainerRoad team. This is awesome, always looking forward to new features coming!

I have a lot of yellow days :flushed:


Just enabled it and was quite excited about seeing this feature after all the chat about it on the podcast, but Iโ€™m incredibly disappointed. It seems to be just the same as Garminโ€™s โ€œrecoveryโ€ feature where my Garmin bike computer tells me to rest for 4 days after a ride that I do regularly and never have a problem recovering from!

I use a Whoop and track my biometric data every day. I have over a decade of structured training experience and I know my body well, when to rest and how to spot the signs of over-training. I have a full rest day every week, have a proper recovery week every 4 week cycle (and always have long before I used TR) and yet scrolling back through my history the RLGL highlighting is hilarious. Itโ€™s like any slight bit of intensity results in it telling me to take a day completely off the bike!

This must just be using ATL/CTL/TSB combined with power and heart rate data from the ride itself and, as the TrainerRoad team often tell us themselves, HR data varies so much based on so many factors so I just canโ€™t see how this can be remotely accurate.

Iโ€™ll leave this enabled for a while to see how it pans out but my initial reaction is, rather disappointingly, a big thumbs down :frowning:


Do you have a lot of red days or something? What plan are you following?

@NateP @Pbase itโ€™s working on my iPhone.


So this is my week last week. Would I have just not had a threshold workout this week? Or would it be moved to Saturday in lieu of the endurance ride?

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I make robots angry.


Ride my bike for the first time in almost 3 months and RLGL is all likeโ€ฆ


Whatโ€™s up with the 0.00IF for your Volcano ride?

Iโ€™m still not seeing it, even after updating the app and a reboot. Did you have to flip something in the app on your iOS device?

I feel like I had to reupload that for some weird reason? I dunno. I think I set that week up like a stage race to see how my training plan would adjust? I was in the F around with the TR robots to see what they will tell me to do phase then.