Who else is being bad today and training on a RED DAY (and what is your feeble excuse)

Never one to listen to the rules, I am definitely riding later on a very red of red days. Even I know I’m knackered.

My feeble excuses are that 1) I am leading the ride and have a new member coming out, plus another nervous rider to look after and 2) it will be a slow pace and I will ride my XC bike to make it even easier

Anyone else being bad today?


My sundays are very often Red, however I usually train through it knowing i’ll def have monday off and maybe even tuesday.


Whenever I have an excuse not to train I don’t, especially when it is better for my long term goals. I don’t use trainerroad anymore and my app reminds me every non training day that it is during rest, not the training that I get stronger…

(Today is a deep red day in my app and I feel like that too)

I did yesterday… Did my threshold workout in the morning before work and 12 hours later I went on the club hill climb ride and set some new PR’s and Best Effort’s that I am quite proud of. Weather was still good the day after, I’m not going to let a computer tell me to sit on my ass inside when its 70 and sunny! Recovery can wait until the rain comes next week.


Doesn’t need an excuse. RLGL simply can’t take in all the relevant information and thus has to little of base to come to a meaningful result. Though you are allowed to wonder why it makes a fuzz about a simple 3 or 4 hour Base ride. Even if it doesn’t know what my hikes do or what my strength and conditioning does. From my pure riding history alone it should know better… But I’m not surprised.

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Like the entire ecosystem, it’s only a tool for us to use.

It hasn’t come up for me since it went live on early access, but I have ignored yellow days “endurance” when I know I have the following day off. I don’t think it would put me off doing something unstructured/ fun though. But then I don’t really look at TR before those days anyway tbh.

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The weather stinks here so bad that if we do have nice weather I will ride whether it is a red day or not. Calling it training is probably a stretch because I do find myself pretty shattered on red days.


Scrolling back through my calendar this is the last time I trained on a red day (or was it as RLGL didn’t exist), although my instinct was to do an endurance ride instead of the threshold one planned:

I also done it earlier that year before I convinced my self that endurance days were more productive and before Masters plans (although I dont think the historic Breakthrough PL rating is accurate).

My day today is red because of a decently long & spirited ride yesterday. But I decided that the muscles & tendons could do with a little shake-out after yesterday’s ride, it’s almost a week since I went out on foot, I really only run for bone density & joint integrity, not for metabolic fitness. So I put on the least-cushioned shoes I have & did a recovery run (if there is such a thing as a cyclist) taking 13 minutes to cover the grand total of 2.1km. Average HR was in the ballpark of what I average for a low zone-2 endurance ride.

I haven’t paid any attention. I train based on feel.

I had a yellow day Friday, but I would have been fine to workout that day if wanted to. But TR says I’m fine today, even though that 15 mile trail run should have put me red (i feel it today). Also did a mountain bike ride :woman_shrugging:

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Had a big outside ride yesterday…7 hours ride time, 408 TSS. TR said today is a red day……but I am training for Unbound and need to build the volume, so I am still doing 2-3 hours relatively easy today.

Worth noting that, IIRC, RLGL continues to learn from your training history, so if you train successfully on yellow or red days, the AI will adjust how it flags days moving forward.

Someone can correct me if my understanding is wrong.

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The red/yellow day signposts seem to be indicia rather than strict rules. I combine rpe with the red/yellow signposts. You can ride on red/yellow days, no problem. They seem accurate about 80% of the time. When I take the day off though, external physical changes are visible and there are clear improvements in power in the following week, without lingering muscle soreness. The quality of my ensuing set of workouts is much higher. My ftp gains accelerate over periods when I take yellow days off. My focus is on improving ftp/cp. It seems improvements are related to pushing to the limit but not past it.


I’m torn. I’m currently watching an online training course, which runs for another 2 hours. Tempted to setup the trainer during the next break so spin for the final hour. I’m on a red day and my legs are shot, but I’m not sure I have the time for the 1hr endurance/recovery ride for my yellow day tomorrow.

I feel like it makes sense to spend the time watching today and just take it easy.


Every Sunday is a red day for me. My long endurance ride is a Saturday which is outdoors. I live in a hilly area and am training for a hilly 140.6. So Sundays red light gets ignored and I swim for an hour in the morning followed by a 2 hour run. Monday is rest day and by Tuesday, I’m itching to get on the bike.

I did do 3 hours on the trainer recently to avoid 50mph winds, but I was bored out of my mind in doing so. Don’t think I could go through that again.

100%…and TR has said this multiple times. They are designed as warnings, not absolutes. Nate has said that you can so a scheduled workout on a yellow day, but just be aware that you are potentially getting closer to the edge, etc.

Edit - One thing I found interesting was that I had a red day yesterday following a 408TSS day on Saturday. I still did a 3 hour ride and 160TSS but today was only marked as a yellow day, not a red day. I would have thought the red day would have carried over…but today was also a rest day, so that could be why it was only flagged yellow.

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Guilty as charged.

Because I’m worth it.

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The important thing is too report the outcome accurately. By doing so, even if it is against the recommendation, the system can learn from the results.

The underlying reason is gradually making TR predictive aspects increasingly like that of your personal coach. The latter use the data in a very similar manner; they check the trainees feedback for the current workout, add it to the mix of the performance results, the TP phase and objective, and adjust the TP.

The only difference, if you under perform at your next event, you don’t get the kick up the arse you deserve from a human coach.


Yesterday I did but it was beautiful out and a 15 mile ride at 15mph - hopefully - will not hurt. It was a fun spin. I did listen and took yesterday off. Typically, I would not ride on a red day like you hooligans.

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Not had a red day, so not been an option.

Last Red day pre RLGL was May last year when it wasnt a thing.

I’ve largely been ignoring it because I’m currently increasing my training volume significantly (about 50%) compared to the past several months. As a result RLGL has almost every day as yellow or red. Here are the first couple weeks of the my first increased volume block. For the 21 days of that 3 week block, 17 were either yellow or red, but my body and recovery felt fine and I didn’t fail a single workout.

After 3 weeks of load and a recovery week, it seems like this week I don’t have any yellow (yet), so maybe it’s learning.

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