Recovery Week Before Taper Week

Hey Everyone,

Just looking for some last second advise…

I was not using plan builder and a big event came up that I wanted to enter (Fondo).

The Fondo is on July 8th, and my plan calls for this week as a recovery week as it’s the end of the build phase. Do I do the recovery week as prescribed and then do a “taper” week next week (I can copy a taper from a previous event I did last year)? Or should I add a little short intensity this week?

If it was me:
Leave the taper week the way it is.
Depending on how you feel will dictate what to do durning the recovery week.
If you feel rested then throw in a few last weeks build rides. I would not do them all.
If you need rest then ride outside for fun.
You won’t lose or gain much in 2 weeks either way.

Ok thanks.

That’s kinda what I was thinking. It’s not an important event, but I’d like to make sure I’m as prepared as I can be so that we can leave it all out there.

if it’s not a goal event, I wouldn’t recommend tapering at all for it. Finish your rest week this week, and then resume your normal training next week, but adjusting Thursday to REST and Friday to Openers. This way you’re recovered from whatever you normally do Mon-Wed, but not totally docking the volume which takes away from your overall improvement!

Good luck at the fondo whichever path you go!


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thats a good idea too. thanks for the suggestion!