Recovery week - back to exercise modus

Hi there - turned my recovery week into doing nothing. Could this cause my body to be not ready for training again, instead of being able to hit it again immediately?

I dont expect decrease of fitness but my performance is bad and it feels like my body needs to come back to exercise modus again…

If you are suffering during the training weeks. And your performance is dropping off, this may indicate you have over trained. Taking a week off will generally allow your body to recover fully. You can see from some of the stuff below it might take longer than 1-week

Another (Am i overtraining?) lollll

Recovering From Overtraining with Triathlete Jamie Berry - Successful Athletes Podcast 29

Overtraining- how long to recover, what to do in the mean time?

Doing nothing may make you feel sluggish when you start again…especially if you start a new block with a ramp test…but unless you have been stuffing food and drinking loads over xmas it shouldn’t affect your fitness much…that said you might want to schedule a couple of easy days of spinning before a ramp test…or it might be a bit of a shock :laughing:

Thanks - dont think I am overtraind, but very sluggish indeed. I will push the calendar one week and put in some doable workouts to get back to exercise modus, which I also need mentally