Age 50+ ; 2:1 Training - Plan - Ratio

Hi there

I am currently planning my training plan for the coming year.
I am a triathlete with a few years of experience. My A Event 2020 is an Olympic triathlon on June 26th, 2020.

At my age 51, I need a lot of recovery. That is why I get along best with the rhythm of 2 weeks work and 1 week recovery. The new Training Plan Builder is unfortunately no help here at the moment.

I would be interested in what you think of my planning.

Olympic Base (7 weeks; recovery week= Week 4):
Weeks: 1/2/4/3/5/4/6

Olympic Build (10 weeks; I can’t find a recovery week here, so I’m planning week 6 from base as recovery =B4, for 2 weeks I’m on vacation: X)
Weeks: 1 /B4/2/3/X/X/4/5/B4/6

Specialty (9 weeks; recovery week= 8)
Weeks: 1/8/2/3/8/4/5/8/8/Race

Would you say, the duration of the phases fits like this?

Is the ratio of Base / Build / Specialty appropriate that way?

Thank you for your answers.

This topic may also help some other older athletes here.

Toni Huber