Recovery shake before or after strength session?

So I do my strength sessions immediately after my hard Tuesday and Thursday rides. There was a recent blog post about recovery shakes (4:1) and timing them. Do I drink the shake right after the ride and before the strength session, or after both? I think @Nate_Pearson does his strength training like this too, maybe he has an opinion on the matter?


Personally, I do it after the ride and before strength.

I find that helps me sustain better in the strength session.

But…I’ve also had stomach discomfort this way, which has stopped my strength session.


If cycling is your priority I would have the shake right after the ride and then a meal after the strength session.

However, as Nate said, there’s the risk to have stomach discomfort or just to feel what you have drunk “moving” inside you, which can be annoying and weird :sweat_smile:

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Why not continue sipping (rather than necking) carb drink during your strength workout, and then have a protein-only or lower-carb shake after you’ve finished both?

Note that weight training will deplete glycogen to some extent too. So I wouldn’t think of it as though your glycogen burning comes to a hard stop the minute you stop pedalling.

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Awesome! Thanks for the replies!