Fueling strength training sessions

Does anyone have any info on what effects strength training sessions have on muscle glycogen. I generally am pretty hungry post, but I’m not sure, aside from protein, if there are any other necessary food requirements. I wish there was a way of tracking kcal expenditure. It seems low, but hunger seems to say otherwise.

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Not anything near cycling unless you’re doing something like CrossFit.

It would be great to have more info about how to fuel strength sessions. Especially if there is an increased protein requirement for post workout nutrition.

Depends on the intensity and duration of the strength programme, and what energy system you are using. I would obviously try and have as much muscle and liver glycogen readily available before going my strength sessions which are mainly bands and kettlebells, a bit of olympic lifting too.
trickle feed throughout with some form of CHO drink as a starter.

If you have not fully repleated your glycogen stores and had a sport drink of some sort as you are strength training you will feel better almost immediately.

As for PRO, get around 1.5-2kg PRO a day, spread that out into maybe 6 small meals/liquid form daily, the RDA is a reccomendation.
If you are 35 years + you need to increase PRO anyway as we age unfortunately due to sarcopenia.


There’s been some interesting work on this exact topic, summarized nicely by Stronger by Science.

Here’s a relevant quote for people who do lower body strength training and cycling:

However, if you’re in a big energy deficit, utilizing a low-carbohydrate diet, or performing multiple glycolytic exercise bouts with the same muscle group in a 24-hour period, glycogen replenishment could potentially be an influential factor impacting your training capacity and performance.

There aren’t any specific guidelines, and I lack any qualification to make suggestions, but this has me thinking about making sure to get a carb-rich recovery drink or meal after all my workouts - cycling, running, swimming, lifting - in preparation for the next when I am in a consistent training block.

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