Another Pre Post workout nutrition question

So hearing on some of the podcasts about fueling (carbs) your workout and then taking recovery food (protein) afterwards.
I’m in middle of SSB mid 1

If i complete the workout and its not feeling too hard, i can safely assume I am sufficiently fueled and there is no reason i should have taken more carbs, correct? The only reason for specifically adding carbs would be if i am struggling with workouts?

However, how do i know if i am taking enough protein after a workout? Or does it even matter at this point when there is only 1 workout a week over 100TSS?
Do i need to worry about recovery after a 60/70/80 TSS workout? How do you know if you are doing it right - messing up fueling you know right away, but messing up recovery might only be apparent if after many weeks you aren’t improving your FTP and on top of that there could be other reasons anyway.

Just wondering if these generalizations about pre and post are correct…


I like this question. I’d like to see good answers as well.

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I’m also in SSB1, in week 5. I started fuelling the workout and a recovery shake just this block. I’ve changed a few things up, so not sure my n=1 is that great a study. I’ve pretty much stuck to the plan, fuelled workouts, and recovery shake. So next ramp test could be up (fingers crossed) for any of the three reasons!

My n=1, is that the RPE benefits of fuelling before are enough for me! I have a drink bottle mix, on the drive to my morning workout. That’s staying.

I’m less convinced about the recovery shake (carb drink mix, with 14g of whey giving me the 4:1 and 40g:10g mix). I was buying in based on the previous podcasts, but the evidence does not seem to be there.

I generally have porridge, with berries and scoop of whey after I shower anyway, so getting the carbs and protein albeit not in 4:1. I have the fructose from the berries - I’m thinking of ditching the recovery shake, and adding maple syrup or honey to the porridge just for extra quick release carbs. That’s my plan for SSB2 MV

Lots of great info. Good examples of what to eat, when and how much. There are some great tables with carbs and protein portions by food type and amount too.
Well worth reading.

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Ok, the bottle is staying but the timing is changing based on the podcast! And going to sip it rather than neck it, bringing it into the workout time frame!

tl:dr, but have printed off the Appendix!

Some more updates on this topic paper wise

I’m trying to read this but the writing is making me cringe.

Well it’s very “Sufferfest”. Fight through it. The content is worth it!