Recovery from Labrum surgery

So in August last year, I was in a boating accident where I fractured my skull among other injuries. One of them is that I have an extensive tear in the labrum of 75%. The physio tried some rehab but ultimately the extent of the injury wasn’t known until I had the MRI scan.

I am booked in for surgery in a few weeks but I am preparing for 6 weeks in a sling. Have people managed to use the trainer without too much pain and what has been the recovery time experienced by most?

I was limited to a recumbent for six months after labrum surgery (stitched up three sides and did a bicep reconnect). Took a full year to regain shoulder strength. Pro athletes seem to come back much quicker though.

Good luck. The labrum surgery itself isn’t bad, minimally invasive. But the rehab is long and frustrating. Do the work. Every damn day.

I’m assuming you mean shoulder labrum and not hip labrum. If you have access to a (stationary) recumbent bike, it would probably be easier to manage while you’re in the sling. It has a bit of a different feel, but at least you’re pedaling. Good luck, and do what your PT tells you.

I’ve had the joy of having both labra (shoulder and hip) worked on, shoulder most recently. I tried the trainer once with the sling and it was difficult and also left the sling sweaty. So I waited until I was out of the sling, and stuck with easier workouts since I couldn’t really use both hands. Was 8 months before I had most range of motion back and more like a year before mostly pain-free.

Honestly recovery from the hip labrum surgery was easier, but I wasn’t using the trainer then.

If by any chance it is a hip Labrum then the trainer may well be your rehab tool of choice as well as a superb method of pain relief

Did a shoulder surgery, including some labrum work some time ago.
I did some mods to my bike and put a short, high stem and a spare bar to get to a more sat up seated position. Did not move any controls and did everything erg-mode.
I was doing some easy spinning within a week and doing 2 low SS workouts a week after two weeks.
Just remember that the body need energy for the repairs, so dont overdo it. And never set yourself in a situation where you might trip or something. I nearly stumbled on some toys on the floor and the jerk-reaction i did caused me some of the most insane pains I have ever felt.

Had labrum and cuff surgery last spring. I put my MTB on the trainer at about a month out. Couldnt handle the reach of the road bike but the MTB with the saddle all the way forward and a few extra spacers did the trick for me. Kept it mainly at z2 since I really couldnt do too much with my right arm from a stabilization standpoint but it kept me doing something active. At 4 months, I felt like I could safely ride on a paved path but probably took me closer to 7 or 8 before I actually went for a mtb ride without thinking about my shoulder.

I road the normal trainer 7 days post labrum repair on my dominant arm. 4 anchors in total to put me back together. I took my arm out of the sling and put a dog leash on my hand and wrapped it around my neck to support the joint and then held the leash with my left hand on the bars.

I was riding on the road 6 weeks later

Crashed at 8 weeks and managed to keep my arm in the air to prevent impact on the repaired side.

All depends on your level of crazy.