Shoulder surgery recovery

Last week I did a bankart labrum repair surgery on my shoulder. I am now at day 4 after surgery and I can have the arm out of the supporting sling almost as much as I want. I have surprisingly good mobility of the arm and can carry my own dinner plate, I can use knife and fork to cut my food and I can also lift a glass and drink. I just folded some laundry…
All in all I have had a very fast progress, and this is good, or is it?
Can it be that the early mobility an functioning is due to weak supporting muscles and tendons?
I will not be able to speak to my doc for several days, and physical therapy is not due until a week from now.

Your doctor should have given instructions. For my rotator cuff repair he wanted me to stay in sling and minimize movement and mechanical stress for the first 2-3 weeks, to allow time for the repair to heal. After that I started doing light exercises and my doc gave green light to ride on trainer (arm in sling).

I don’t know the specifics of your operation but from doing in both shoulders in different ways the physios told me to keep moving them, within limits though, to avoid a frozen shoulder.
I would imagine any active movement, where you use the shoulder and arm muscles only for movement as opposed to enforcing passive movement using you other arm or bands, that is not painful, should be okay, you don’t need a lot of movement at this stage, but err on the side of caution.
I’d definitely stay away from anything that stresses your shoulder.

Thanks for advice. I did get instructions from the doc but the way I feel now I expected to be at 14 days, not 4 days. That is the problem, i simply feel to good. No daytime meds since day 2.

8 days. Had my first PT session today. Everything looks ok and I got the excersizes for movement which I will have to do 3 times a day for the next 14 days until next session.
I also got go-ahead for training other parts of the body, both on the trainer and with weights.

Any tips for excercises that I can do that kind of mimics weighted deadlifts and squats without using arms or resting anything on shoulders?
What about core/stability excercises?