How many TrainerRoad users do you know?

I have a reasonably large circle of cycling acquaintances here in the UK yet only know 3 other users, two fairly frequent users and another who barely uses it now but did so a few years ago.

Anyone else in a similar situation or the opposite and knows a lot of regular users?

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I know quite a few cyclists.

Many use Zwift…

I know of only 3 others who use TR.
Coincidently (or not?) they are all ‘hitters’.

Two are skinny dudes both with around 300FTP.

One is a bigger guy (not fat though) with a 410FTP (yeh honestly) and can hold around 360w on TR in ERG mode for over 60 minutes - he’s an animal.

Then there’s me … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:


Only know one. In fact, that is the person who recommended TR to me.

Around here, TR feels like a secret weapon. Helps me push me further and deeper than my maters. Love it.


I only know one who lives about 20 km away, who I saw was getting nice results from using TR, so I followed suite and started using it as well. What a good call that was :smiley: I overpassed him now :smiley:

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I know more like 20. But more than half of those are triathletes. I think coaching and structured training plans generally are much more common in triathlon than cycling for a whole bunch of reasons including:

  • Mostly solo training vs cyclists who do a lot of group rides
  • Triathlon is defined by racing. If you swim, bike and run but don’t do triathlons you don’t call yourself a triathlete. But there are plenty of cyclists including some very fast ones who don’t race
  • The physical demands, $$$ expenditure and need to enter 6+ months in advance for 70.3s and Ironmans all lend themselves perfectly to a long plan culminating in an A race. The same is true for mass participation, destination cycling events like Etape, Marmotte, Dirty Kanza, Leadville, etc. Maybe also if you’re a TT specialist. But much less so for smaller or local bike races

Think there is a lot of secret training going on.

Zwift for show, TR for a pro…


I know several and my circle isn’t that big, probably 6-8

Probably 10-12 in my immediate riding circle

I know out of the lads at the club there’s a few who do zwift - I’m the only TR user out of the cyclists I kinda know. And I only started using TR in a desire to be able to keep up on group rides and prepare for daft adventures with a mate of mine who’s a “ahem” triathlete (like doing cost to cost rides or weekends MTB-ing) and also because I didn’t have apple products - what a blessing that was :slight_smile:

I know of a couple of people who use it, but by far zwift is the prevalent indoor platform in the couple of cycling communities I’m a part of

Mmm, seems more common than I imagined that individual users don’t know that many other users.

but we all “know” each other on here… :thinking:

I actually did this for the first year of TR, because I felt TR was an advantage I didn’t want to give my competitors. I would run TR and Zwift together and only allow Zwift to post to Strava. Everyone thought I was a Zwift addict. No one was on TR in my Texas city of roughly 200k. This was based upon Strava stalking of course, but I could tell by looking at the Zwift workouts people were doing that it wasn’t TR. Fast forward a year plus major TR gains and I realized that only a very small percentage would be willing to put in the work necessary. If they did put in the work it would just push me more. So about 6 weeks leading into my first Cat 1 XC local point series race of year (the only one so far this year…), I started posting my TR Rides to Strava. I had only been a mid-back of pack Cat 1 guy since moving up after winning my local 2018 Cat 2 series for my age group 40+. So, when I dominated my last Cat 1 XC race leading every lap and winning overall beating all the young guys including a retired pro - it got everyone’s attention! This was my first Cat 1 win ever BTW

Long story short - I was the first in my area to use TR. Today, there are now eight of us in the area using TR, and everyone of them claim they joined TR because of me. Feels good to give back a little to TR and the coaches. @Nate - Now where is my affiliate check??? :money_mouth_face:


I’m in a large club and see a lot of Zwift group rides, about 20 that race and are coached, about 10 that use TrainerRoad, about 5 that have really gotten into Zwift racing, and only a couple that use Zwift plans. There are some seriously fast people in this area. We are fortunate and can ride outside every month of the year, people around here generally prefer to train outside or simulate outside on Zwift. I’ve converted at least 5 to using TR instead of the Zwift plans.

Just 1 other person I know uses TR, and because I think it’s probably the most effective training platform, I’m happy to keep it that way! It just seems the masses gravitate to Zwift by default, and I don’t see much evidence of structure (obviously Z-racing is still good training).

I’ve been syncing my rides on Strava since I started TR in November, so it’s not like I’m trying to hide what I’m up to. I haven’t had a chance to put my better fitness to the test with the stronger riders I know because of winter and then lockdown - so that should be fun when it finally happens!


I honestly think that Zwift lures peeps in with the bright colours and game type visuals. TR attracts those who are generally happier to “suffer” for the gains - maybe we’re all prepared to hurt ourselves where as Zwift seems to distract but give some fitness gains.
TR has enabled me to start hammering more rides and keeping up with the faster lads without exploding. Most was posted to Strava at one time - but not any more.

2 IRL. Only use TR.
3 Strava friends that also use TR.
1 IRL that use TR and Zwift.