Recommended a not recommend workout

I’ve tried refreshing, updating, and reviewed my training plan. No adaptations pending, and this one keeps coming up as my next workout. What do I do here, just do a train now workout instead?

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Any idea why this one would be coming up in the first place?

Emailing is the best option for an answer here.


I’m looking into this now @timnorman :male_detective:


It wants to bring you up to a higher level? I had a plan that pushed me harder at one point, but I chose lighter workouts. You always have that choice. As far as why, well support might be able to find out.

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@timnorman I’ve got an idea of what’s going on here and I’m just trying to confirm. :man_technologist:

I’d say that Paniau would be a good alternate workout for you today if you can squeeze in 60 minutes! :watch:

@timnorman it looks like you’re actually running into a known bug here. :bug:

This is on our list to fix, but for now, I’d recommend manually selecting anaerobic workouts to replace Striped -4 on your calendar.

Paniau or Scott Peak would be good replacements this week!

Sorry about the trouble! We’ll get this sorted out as soon as possible. :handshake:

Just do it, none of the striped workouts are really hard


Thats much appreciated, thanks.