No Alternates Found [Resolved ✅]

Ive got Ericsson for todays workout. Im trying to change it to an alternative workout but not having any luck. I keep getting 'No Alternates Found"…





Must be a bug with that workout. I don’t get any alternates either, but when I pull up 60 minute workouts at the appropriate difficulty level, there’s a long list of similar workouts, all with alternates.

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The web version of workouts doesn’t have any alternates for me either and a lot of the Ericsson +/- variants are the same.

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Look for the Steamboat series of workouts. They’re similar.

My guess would be that’s because that workout has a very specific set of single leg drills in them. Just go to the workout library and use the filters to find a productive sweet spot workout.

I didn’t realise i could do that. As ive got a custom adaptive plan setup it wont screw up the adaptions?

I’m no expert but it doesn’t seem to have.

Nope. I do it all the time. I do delete the planned workout after adding the new one to my calander.

Looking into this now!


Thanks all for reporting this and @‘ing me, helps us work out the fix sooner!
The team resolved this and Ericsson is all set with Alternates now.

Please let me know if you see any more workouts like this and we will get them squared away!


Iron Mountain. No alternates.

@IvyAudrain starlight -2 has no alternates for me

Its maybe not the case for you but a few of my workouts have had no alternates in a specific duration. Changing the duration gives some.

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In this case there aren’t any for any duration, however I also want specifically 90 minutes. There are plenty in the workout tab that fit, just not in alternates.

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