No adaptive training recommendations after completing a more difficult workout

Today I had Beacon -3 (iirc threshold 2.5) scheduled but instead did Three sisters (threshold 3.4) but I am not getting recommendations for adaptions and next week I still have Kennedy (threshold 3.0) planned and the week after that again Three Sisters. I did get one recommendation to change the next upcoming VO2 workout Monday back to what it was before I changed it

How did you perform the substituted workout?

  • If you didn’t use the official “Alternates” tool, that may be a reason on changes were made.

Also, how did you rate the completed workout?

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I did chose from alternates, I rated the workout as “3 hard”. I did move the date previously as it was originally scheduled Thursday but I didn’t have time and did today’s original workout then

Probably worth an email to so they can review the hidden info we can’t access.

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Sometimes AT does not change anything until it gets to that particular week. My endurance level is 10 but I still have endurance rides this upcoming Mon-wed, rated 1.x. I still would contact support just in case.

For now I solved it by deleting my plan and building a new plan, still worth contacting them since the old plan is gone?

I have no idea what they can see after that big of a reset.

A couple times after completing a ride, I have had no recommended changes in the app but when logging into I see adaptations recommend. They have all eventually shown up in the app as well, just sometimes takes a few hours

We all have different expectations as we learn more about AT, but I would say if you marked a 3.4 as Hard, it’s not unreasonable that your next recommended workout would be a 3.0

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Yup, back to the main question…

You were set with a Threshold 2.5, subbed in a Threshold 3.4 and rated it Hard. I can totally see how AT would place a hold an changes based on that minimum info.

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I’ve noticed that some AT changes can take a good few hrs to appear, as much a 10. Some have come quick though.