Recommendations for winter glasses

I plan on doing a weekly gravel ride with some friends throughout the winter and a solo ride on the weekends in addition to my trainer work to keep sane during covid. I live in southern Ontario Canada so its gets pretty frosty.
I’ve got Oakley Prism Jawbreakers for sunny days and a pair of clear lenses for the jawbreakers for nighttime and dull days but they fog up pretty badly if I have a balaclava or neck gator near my nose or over it. Have any of you tried goggles or other types of glasses or know of any that won’t fog up?

Have the same issue when i was commuting in Canadian winter (yay lockdown2.0). You can get an anti-fog spray, but these work somewhat. I found the old swimmers trick of spitting on the lens and rubbing on always kept fog at bay.
The big trick is to at least have your nose not venting into the buff/balaclava, so that the warm moist air doesn’t wind up becoming an issue to begin with.

I usually try to keep the buff/balaclava below my mouth for the most part. I live right on lake Erie so the bitter wind off the water freezes your face, especially just cruising doing Z2 rides.

My Oakleys fog up the least of my glasses but if doesn’t get much below freezing here. I used to use Rudy’s when I lived up north in Scotland they never steamed up but compared to Canada its still mild up there :-/

It’s really not a huge issue except when the wind kicks up and freezes your nose lol. I was thinking of maybe a small pair of snow goggles that are anti fog.

If you have them try out snow goggles. I grew up skiing near Ontario in MI, then college skiing off Lake Superior, and then Lake Tahoe resorts. With a good pair of goggles they only fog up in certain conditions when stopped, so keep moving and you should be fine.