Sunglass airflow vs tearing up at high speeds

Hi all,

I’ve owned by Oakley Flak 2.0’s for a while and really like the fit and feel (Asian fit FTW). But for as long as I’ve owned them, they let in a ton of air and my eyes are constantly tearing up on high speeds or descents. I’ve asked a few other cyclists about this issue and they all said it’s normal and unavoidable, the alternative would be no airflow (like goggles) and your lenses just fogging up instantly.

Any thoughts on this? Recommendations on other sunglasses that would be a good balance between airflow and eye comfort?


I like my Oakley Sutro, they have the shape of googles without being goggles. Only downside is they don’t have any rubber on the arms so worth considering. My buddy’s flew off his face when he looked back going almost 50mph. I’ve considered gluing thin rubber strips inside the arms

The ones you have look like they’d ventilate great but not really block much wind at all

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This is part of why there is the trend toward giant sunglasses. They block wind better.


I have Radarlocks and don’t have an issue with wind getting behind them.

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I had this problem when I wore Oakley Half Jackets, which was a real issue for contact lenses. I now wear 100% Speedcraft and the problem is massively reduced.

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Been riding in Oakley Radar EV for more than two years. I always forget they’re there, and that’s what riding sunglasses should be like. So long as they sell them, I doubt I’ll buy another type. (Have had various Tifosi and Rudy Project glasses in the past). I found something that works for me, keeps good airflow, doesn’t move, excellent visibility… no need to change to the style of the hour IMHO.

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