Low Light Glasses

Any recommendations for low light glasses that don’t fog up too bad. I am usually a Oakley fan so looking at the Prizm low light lenses in something like a radar frame.

I love my fake Flight Jackets with photochromic lenses for early morning/ cloudy days

I’m looking at adding these to my collection or RadarLock lens https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9181R?variant=700285605111

And Oakley has a 20% off sale on the site right now with this code RP1-EYGE-RESR-S9BB

No I don’t work for Oakley

I can’t get on with yellow for work or cycling. For riding through the night (audax) my preference is for clear. I got some fake clear lenses for my genuine Oakleys (one up man ship klaxon) But changing lenses after 200-300km is a faff so I bought some clear safety glasses for about £5.00 and they are fantastic.

If you want to address the fogging issue w/o getting new lenses, dab a bit of baby shampoo on the lenses and smear it around the inside. Let it dry for a minute or so and then wipe clear. You’ll be fog free.

Best tip I ever got from my tri training…did it regularly for my goggles and even on my TT lid visor (which could fog like a MF’er once you got going after the swim). Now use it on my Oakley’s on rides when I know fogging may be an issue.


I have used Oakley for many years and own far too many but I did try out the Aethon glasses from Tifosi at the recommendation of several of my cycling team members. I found them to be a good option for low light and have not had any fogging issues. I got the fototec lenses that will adjust if it gets brighter out.

I use Oakley Radar Path photochromatics. They work for me in any light although while I have ridden in the dark with them a bit at the end of rides, I’d go with clear for a straight up night ride. Never had an issue with fogging as long as I’m moving.


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On the mtb in the woods, the Prism Trail Torch lenses really brighten things up significantly. They’re also great for TR sessions where the only light is coming from my laptop but I still need to block the fan from drying my contact lenses.


Another vote for the Oakley Prizm series. I have Low Light, Trail, and Road. Out of the 3 the one I like least is Trail. I find those hard to see with unless there are perfect conditions.

Smith Optics, have a great lineup of glasses. I currently own the Attack and Parallel. They don’t fog up and the low light lens are awesome.

The low light Prizm’s are very good late in the day on the road and on the trail. However if it brightens up they are not good.

Oakley Photochromics are a great option for variable light conditions and still my go to for local trail riding where if can get quite dark under heavy tree canopy but then brighten up when the trees thin out.

I find the Prizm Trails too dark locally (Ohio) but are my go to’s when I travel out West. I wouldn’t recommend them for low light road conditions either.

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I’m waiting for the POC Aspire solar switch (not yet available) as it works like a photocromatic lens but a bit faster in the transition. Check out the video below at the 2 min mark.

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Those are AWESOME

Bolle Shifter come in a model with lens good for sunny and great for dusk/low light. Have raced twilight with them, amazing. Same lens.