Recently upgraded to new trainer

Hello all! Hope everyones training is going great. Quick question, I recently upgraded from a Taxc Vortex to a CycleOps Hammer. I expected some change in the feel but there seems to be a rather large difference between the two trainers. I did the ramp test a week or so ago and was able to get through sweet spot and over/under workouts (not without a bit of suffering) but today I was absolutely brought to my knees by the sweet spot workout today on the new trainer. Today was a bit off for me in terms of sleep, nutrition and a few other things but this seemed much more difficult than normal. Is there anything I could be missing in the setup or is it typical to see such differences in a wheel on vs direct drive trainer. Thanks in advance!

New trainer means you need a new FTP test. Some trainers can be quite different than others so there’s no comparing an FTP from one trainer to the the next, sometimes even if it’s the exact same trainer. Your sweet spot could have actually been threshold.

If you mean you already did an FTP test on the new trainer, then ensure gearing is the same and everything is calibrated properly. If yes to all that, then you just had an off day. Move on, don’t worry about it and crush the next workout.

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Thanks for the advice! I will add a ramp test in tomorrow if my legs feel up to it to see where I am.

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