Recalculating and extending my training plan, for new racing events!

Hey all! So I started up with TrainerRoad on the 12th of November 2020, due to COVID and with the uncertainty of the next race season, I did not plug in any competition dates and set the end of my training sometime in May. But just recently they started posting Colorado Races.

They finally posted the two events I was looking for, a criterium and a 36 miler around a local lake. I have determined those to be my A races, the ones I really want to be in form for, which happen to be in the middle of April, about 2 months away. I plugged them in, and it asked me if I’d like to recalculate my plan. I said, yes please and now it is stuck on a red spinning wheel.

I’m at the first recovery week of my build phase, and have another month to go before I start my specialty phase.

My first question is, what should I do if the red wheel doesn’t go away (at the time of writing this it is still spinning). My second question, is there an option to extend my current training plan? By the time my plan is over, I will only be about a month into the racing season, and would like to continue building myself up for more racing, in which my key events will be around August, maybe even September…

Do I just create a new plan to pick up where the old one ended? Or what? Asking the TrainerRoad Pros for help and guidance! Thanks everyone in advance.

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@sirmccarthy Did you ever figure this out? I am currently having the same issue. Thanks!

Definitely reach out to the team at if you’re getting a spinning wheel forever when trying to recalculate plans. Sorry for the trouble!

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Very Late to the party but I went thru the continuing red wheel spinning when making plan changes.

I was trying to add a week off as I’m fighting a cold/flu.

I ended up changing the start day of the change to the following day.

I tried to adapt from 2022-12-12 which was todays date, got the continual red spinning wheel.

Changed it to the following day 2022-12-13 and it immediately worked.