Reading the tss chart in calendar

So I’m trying to figure out how to read this chart and a few things are confusing me.

  1. as you scroll through the calendar there is a highlighted block on the calendar. What is that supposed to represent? At best I can see three weeks at any time but the corresponding highlight shows more weeks and also fluctuates as you scroll through.

In this picture it’s showing six or so weeks highlighted with a blue background.


How is the bar for sep 24 higher than October 1 when it has a lower tss. Sep 24 is 54, October 1 is 173. I’ve checked it from my phone and laptop.

image image

The highlighted block corresponds to the weeks showing just below the graph. If you navigate thru the weeks (forward and back), you’ll see the highlighted area move.

Right but it highlights blocks bigger than what’s shown. I can see three weeks at most but the block above ranges from 2-5 weeks as I move through. Perhaps my screen resolution is wrong but st least I know now. Thanks

What App is this? When I check my calendar on the web I only have the line for the avg displayed but no grey bars for planned TSS. Is that normal or a bug?

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Are you in calendar or career? I’m showing the calendar above off my iPhone but it looks the same on computer.

I’m in the calendar view. The career pages shows grey bars for scheduled WO.