TrainNow -> Garmin sync time

How long does it take for a workout to appear in Garmin connect/device after it has been added to the calendar ?
I’m not on a plan right now, so I usually select a workout with Train Now.
I did just that yesterday, and expected my workout to be ready to be sent to my device this morning, 24h later. But I that did not happen.
Workout status is still in “Scheduled for Garmin” phase

The Wahoo state is correct though “Ready to be pulled for Wahoo”, so this looks like a Garmin issue.


Mine usually works within 10 minutes. (Or however long it takes for me to decide to do a workout outdoors and get kitted and outside.) If it isn’t working quickly enough, you can go to the specific workout and click Push to Garmin.

Just tried changing my indoor ride to an outdoor one, and it appeared on Garmin connect within 5 minutes.

I did not know about the “Push to Garmin” button. Where is that ?
When I open my workout on the calendar, here is what I have :

There is no “Push to Garmin” button

Yours appears to already be scheduled for Garmin.
See the difference in an unscheduled one here.

How far away from today is your ride?

For me it’s almost immediate after a refresh.

Appears in Garmin connect, then I just sync the app with the device.

I’m forever switching workouts around and from inside to out at the last minute.

Usually 5 -10 mins at the most for me.

Normally it takes a couple of minutes for me, like others have replied. But sometimes the garmin connection needs to be re-authorized on the “Account” → “Ride sync” page (at least on the web). The symptom for when this is needed for me is simply that workouts either pushed to garmin or marked as outside does not appear, at all. I re-authorize and they appear promptly again.

I tried the Push button on an unscheduled workout, and it worked great. It appeared instantly on my garmin connect account.
So something is wrong with the scheduled workout, at least for me, because the workout I added to my calendar yesterday never appeared on my Garmin.

My ride was planned this morning, 7h ago (european timezone). I was upset when I woke up and couldn’t get the workout to my garmin. I tried to pickup another one, that I ended up doing on my phone in the TR app instead. The level I picked in a hurry was too high, so I failed miserably. Total waste of time.

I’ll raise a ticket to the support team then.

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Not to offer any help except to say the behavior is somewhat unknown and confusing to me at times as well :slight_smile:

I don’t often use Outside workouts, but in the few times that I have I am unsure what to expect. I recall having one show up fairly immediately (I think it was a scheduled workout from a plan that I switched to outside at the last minute), but I also know in the last week or so I manually added a workout to my calendar for “today” as outside and I don’t think it ever came down.

For me, I may have gotten impatient in saving / syncing and checking places and eventually gave up and deleted the workout only to “do my own thing” in the end.

I appreciate seeing the “Scheduled for Garmin” status in your post - is this only viewable on web (not in app?). I don’t recall ever seeing it, but it’s likely my limited use of outdoor workouts.

In my experience there can be a delay between TR and Garmin. On the other hand, TrainingPeaks to Garmin is always immediate. Therefore I believe it’s an issue on the TrainerRoad side.

Right, it’s on the web interface. Since I ride 100% outside, I almost never use the app (except when the sync fails like today)

I’ve scheduled another workout for Friday, and it appeared immediately on my Garmin calendar. For some reason, today’s workout seems to be lost in a black hole of some sort.

If you have a short list of workouts you frequently do - push these to Garmin through the workout page, then they will download to the head unit’s workout library and won’t have to wait for another sync.

For scheduled TR workouts (planned as outside in Calendar) they usually load just fine to my Garmin Edge (830) but when they don’t - yeah that’s frustrating…

Keep in mind TR outside workouts aren’t based on % FTP, so if you get a bigger FTP bump up or down, you’ll want to reload those workouts.

Ahh, good point. I rarely do big bumps of FTP (and frankly, most of the TR workouts I do outsider are Z2 variants anyways).

You can push your workout even if it is planned by going to the workout not through the calendar (so not your workout) but through the Workouts list/search. Then open that workout, click Outside, then click Push to Garmin.

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