Schedule workout not appearing on my Garmin connect app/headunit

I have a scheduled workout and it is not appearing on my Garmin Connect/Garmin headunit. I have reauthorized my Garmin Connect access and I have manually pushed the same workout multiple times but nothing is syncing with Garmin Connect. I have another workout that was scheduled for the following day so I do not know why this workout is not syncing correctly for me. Even after 1 hour, the workout was never pushed to Garmin.

Sorry to hear about the trouble. I just checked out your account and it looks like you had one workout (Crowleys) that was an Inside Workout last week. The rest of them look like they’ve been correctly set as Outside Workouts.

Have those other workouts started to show up on your Garmin page? If not, let us know!

You can also reach out to us by email at or via live chat on the TR website. We’ll probably be able to respond to you more quickly through those means of communication. :slight_smile: