Re-decline Ai ftp?

Is it possible to re-do the declining Ai ftp bump? I was wondering what will happen if you decline the ftp increase and later want to use it? Is it possible to do such thing or you should wait for your next ai ftp measure? What will happen if you decline lets say 10w increase this month and next month you have even higher ftp increase? Will you have like double ftp increase? I think it is simple but want to make sure I understand it.

I would just go into Your Account and manually change it.

  1. Is it possible to ‘use it’ after declining it → Yes after 28 days for sure. Not sure if it’s less. I switched to let AI FTP “just do it for me” a week or so back when the option came up and now I don’t have the “ramp test / no really replace and tell me my FTP” placeholders, but I know I’m >28 days since my last FTP detection. In any case I just tried it out: going into workouts to add a ramp test (the first workout) provides a button for running AI FTP detection instead of choosing the ramp test.

  2. Pure speculation here, but I would expect it sets your FTP based on what you’ve done, so it’s not going to penalize you 3 watts on the second iteration out of AI frustration that you ignored it the first time :slight_smile: At both points in time, I would expect you’ll be prompted with what AI FTP thinks your FTP actually is today.

There was a similar discussion on the podcast I believe toward the end of last year where @Jonathan explained that you can skip the FTP increase and trainierroad will keep increasing your workout levels instead, and that during the specialized phase the system actually does this for you.

My impression, and I think they’ve said this on the podcast as well, is that at least in the system FTP is less “here’s the precise watts you can hold for an hour” but rather a key input for driving the level that everything else is set by, which happens to be somewhat close to your testable FTP and happens to share the same name.

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