New Training plan starts with FTP test why not using my AI FTP value


AI FTP has a nice ftp calculated for me which is visible in the my FTP history it is doing a fine job for some time now (almost 6 months). But recently created a new Customer Training Plan starting next week, Why is it that the plan starts with a FTP test and not using my AI FTP? I cannot opt for AI FTP because i have to wait another 14 days, why not use the value calculated on 1 Dec 2022 for this training plan?


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if you just skip the test, it will :wink:

Yup, that was what i was planing to do, select some other workout iso the ftp test :slight_smile:
Was wondering if it would be nicer if i could select to use my existing AI FTP value for this initial Plan start. Not requesting a new calculation, just use what already there.

but I mean… it is there, If you do nothing, your last AI ftp is still current and will be used to scale your workouts.

the only thing I get is that, it would be nicer if TR would know that you are not allowed yet to get a new AI FTP, but the current one is still valid → then just skip the FTP test on a new plan.

But I don’t see this as a real issue… we (people in general) can still think for ourselves right? we don’t need AI to take everything out of our hands, specially when it’s not really a decision…


You absolutely can just keep rollin’ with your last AI FTP Result, no need to re-test or update. This was actually a bug that just got fixed this week. You won’t get a Ramp Test scheduled on your plan if your FTP was detected in the last 28 days.

:100: ! This is exactly how it should work now. It was a bug throwing things off that is now sorted.

Expected behavior: If we’ve detected your FTP and you accepted the update in the last 28 days, the Ramp Test you’d normally see at the beginning of a new plan/start of a new phase will get adapted to a workout that fits the goals of your plan.


@IvyAudrain would it be better written as,

and you accepted the update

Thanks for catching that! Updated. :sunglasses:

I think I just ran into this bug, here’s how I think happened:

  1. On January 2nd, I put an illness annotation on my plan for that whole week because I thought I was exposed to Covid.
  2. On January 4th, I removed the annotation when it turned out to be a false alarm. When TR adapted my plan, it put a ramp test on that same day (which I don’t believe was in the plan before I put the annotation.) I ran the AI FTP detection, accepted the value it gave me, and did the replacement workout.
  3. Fast forward to today, January 24th, it’s the beginning of my build phase and still have a ramp test scheduled, despite having accepted an AI FTP detection less than 28 days ago. It didn’t get adapted to another workout, and running the detection simply says my last value is still valid without giving me an option to replace the ramp test. (Separately, I’m pretty sure this has been covered before and I can’t find it but what’s the best thing to do here, delete the ramp test and use TrainNow, or something else?)

A workaround has been posted here:


Worked like a charm, thank you!