Accept AI FTP increase or decline to further advance progression levels?

Hello, I am curious if or when one might want to decline an AI FTP detection increase and instead focus on trying to further increase one’s progression levels?
This is something I am considering at the end of my current phase. I suspect I will end my current phase (polarized mid volume part 2) in the Level 5 range for Endurance, VO2, and Threshold (i.e. there is still a lot of room to improve). I am expecting a small bump in my FTP as suggested by AI FTP detection at the end of this phase, so, I am curious on which option I should choose as well as the
pros and cons of each?

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I would say a pro is that higher pl workouts tend to have longer intervals which I think is generally more effective at sweetspot and threshold levels. As a con, I think for endurance and VO2Max you will need to adjust to make sure you continue to progress those zones, which may require some manual bumping of intensity percentages. I’m generally fairly unconcerned by my actual FTP number and more interested in how I feel as I progress in a specific zone. I was working at 300 for quite a while even though has told me by FTP is 309. It gave me a little extra room for error to avoid blowing myself up with too much intensity.

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Interesting question, and probably why AI FTP is restricted to 28days and why in many of the plans the ramp test is scheduled every 6 weeks at the beginning of a new phase, if our FTP was changed weekly we would be missing out on some good workouts.

Trust the process. Accept the ftp and move on


You can accept the AI FTP anytime after, upto 28 days. At 28 days it will generate a new value. Decline, continue increasing PL, accept later or new.

Actually, the PL Work really well, my last increase was 9watt and the PL were only reduced by a fraction,