Ramp test tomorrow after SSB1 HV - feeling fantastic today after my rest week, should I do openers?

Should I do Truuli tonight? I really want to knock this test out of the water and set myself up for a proper SSBII HV. I could also stay off the bike…or do Taku…

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I did Truuli 24hr before my last ramp test;

Feel like its probably a good idea.

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Interested in how this goes as I’m currently in rest week

some of my other strategies will be:

  1. setting up a spotify playlist with the right music for the right time (thank you TrainerRoad forum for this!)
  2. setting a target duration in my head as a minimum acceptable time. For me, this is 21 minutes.
  3. stay focused, stay smooth. my power can jump sometimes and i know this really hurts me on the ramp. i need to stay focused and control my power zones all the way through. spikes are BAD!

This is a useful thread to add to if you are looking at tips for the actual ramp test. I’m certainly going to follow the advice to hide all info apart from cadence


If you feel good today, why not just do it today?


i like this idea…

I like doing some kind of effort the day before. Typically it’s just the last aerobic ride of the prior plan with a couple short digs near the end.

That said, I wouldn’t sweat it. It can be exciting to chase a better ramp test result, but keep in mind it’s just a tool for setting your workout intensity and you can always adjust if needed. If you’ve got SSBHVI in your legs already you should have a good idea of where you’re at based on you prior workouts RPE.

I don’t want to come off as negative, but FTP and it’s testing seems to be an unhealthy fixation for a contingent of folks. All good to try to raise it (I know I do) but keep in mind it’s the training not the testing that makes the magic happen.


I definitely agree, and I’m personally debating whether to even tackle the ramp test for myself next week after finishing SSBHV1, I’ve been doing the workouts just fine at 275 and I’m leaning toward going to 280, not a huge jump and probably just enough to add a little more challenge to sweet spot because I’ve been coasting through stuff. I’m fairly certain my FTP wouldn’t have gone up, say, 10 points. I think after a certain point, ftp gains are going to be slim, and it’s probably a better tool for newer folks or folks coming off of a long layoff.

That said I’ll probably do it anyway and agonize over how poorly I do lol


This is great advice and yes, I really do have a strong idea of where I sit from doing SSBHVI. Thank you!

I just did it since I was so amped and ready, figured it was the best time anyways. Rocked it! FTP went from 275 > 296!! and I felt rock solid all the way until I didn’t. I looked at the rest of the weeks workouts and the new power targets definitely make sense based on my RPE from SSBHVI. I am looking forward to tackling SSBHVII!


Never thought of that before – the ramp being a procession through the zones.

Just checked and the test hits high VO2max(Z6)/low Anaerobic(Z7) around minute 18.
(Endurance ends @~11min…Tempo @~13min…Threshold ends @~15/16min…)

To get to 21min you’re doing a 2min Anaerobic interval.

Might be easier for some if the test is framed as 2min zone intervals. :man_shrugging: