SSBII LV Ramp test

I just finished my 2nd Ramp Test before I start SSBII LV and it’s Lower than my first FTP for B1 by 15w!
I thought I was doing well too. Do I keep the new FTP, redo it, or keep old FTP? !
I’m pretty discouraged but it’s not like my FTP’s are off the charts to begin with.

I feel like if I get any lower the app won’t function and I’d like think I’m kind of active :flushed::confused:


Hey there Heather!

You have a couple options here:

  1. Give yourself a day to recover and then retest to ensure the FTP is accurate of your fitness.

  2. Do a couple workouts to see how the new FTP feels. If it feels too easy, you can retest and get a new FTP that will work better for you or keep it if the workouts feel like they should.

If you aren’t training for a specific event and are not limited on time, I would recommend just retesting right now. Just take a day to recover, eat well, hydrate, and get a good night sleep before you retest. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ian! That does help and sounds good! :blush:

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There have been lots of reports on the forum about FTP dropping after SSB LV1 – not sure what is at play here.

I personally went from a 280 FTP to a 285 FTP after SSBLV1 – a modest gain, but in line with what I expected.

I honestly believe (with no scientific data to back me up) that the lack of Vo2 intensity in the program mentally de-conditions your from being able to absorb the discomfort of a ramp test. I believe it’s a psychological limitation, not a physical one. But, again, I have no evidence based fact to support this.

Others here have explored doing an “opener” two days before the ramp test to normalize your system.

Just a thought.

Good luck!


Hmmm… I definitley feel it’s a mental challenge with the physical and going into it I thought about that too. Well maybe I’ll consider this my opener and try again!
Thank you for your thoughts! :blush:

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Hi Heather,

At the end of SSBLV1 in December I had a gain of of 6.6%. I finished SSBLV2 on Sunday and retested tonight and have a gain of 1 watt. However, while tonight’s test didn’t feel great, I also struggled in week 5 of SSBLV2 and felt quite tired during and after recovery week 6. So, as I start Sustained Power Build LV I’m keeping in mind that 1) I will retest in week 5, and 2) I can always raise the intensity of a workout mid-workout if I’m finding it too easy.


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Thank you Brent,
I chose to leave my FTP from SSBI and did the first workout Ebetts today. I was 5-8% below my power targets at SweetSpot today. So I think I might trust the new FTP and just increase the intensity.
Ultimately, I wish l had a smart trainer :roll_eyes:

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You really should have one, Heather.
Riding on my Elite Direto when doing the TR workouts are just more fun. ERG is incredible.
Trust me, it is the best investment I’ve only made in 2018.

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Buying a smart trainer was the best bike related purchase I’ve ever made.

I started TR workouts with a dependable but dumb minoura. Then i bought a Stages left pm and that led to more results. I then switched to a smart cycleops magnus in the fall of 2017 and it has transformed my training. No longer do i have to focus on the tr screen or can i cheat on an interval. I’m 55 and am still getting stronger because of the switch to the magnus.


Clarification: A proper opener is around 24 hours (1 day) before the “main effort”.

I use Truuli -1, on the Monday night before my Tuesday night Ramp Test.

It wakes up my body from the recovery week and reminds me what its like to hurt. And as mentioned, it also sets my head in the direction to suffer and be willing to hurt in the test.

I think this is HUGE as the default test is set after a recovery week and a complete day off. That may work for some, but it leaves me flat and unable to push enough in the test. The opener is what I like to get myself prepared for the pain.


As much as I love smart trainers, it is important to recognize that they are not for everyone. Tech issues can and do exist, and they can take a simple workout into a wide tangent that results in frustration and lost time.

I can point to several threads here where people struggle with the trainers, and many others where ERG mode in particular is totally misunderstood. These lead to negative experience that can be avoided.

Do your research and understand the pros and cons. In many cases, a power meter added to a bike on a dumb trainer is an awesome solution.

I’d suggest a separate thread to discuss this and not distract any more from the current topic.


Thank you Chad for all your advice!
I understand “The Opener” now and valuable info!:blush:

Unfortunatley, Smart Trainer isn’t in my budget in the near future as I’m a newbie cyclist and looking to buy a new road bike for spring/summer. Have a hand-me-down size S Liv Avail and in my bike fitting last fall it looks like I need XX small to XS small.
But I think a real powermeter will lessen my frustration.

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Awesome! Happy to help, and keep the questions coming as you move along this fun little journey :smiley:

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