Mentally weak ramp testing!

Did a ramp test today, the end result is I stopped at 19min, short of the break-even point, but the real takeaway is the mental stuff and putting oneself in a mindset to fall short (not fail, it’s an assessment, or so they say lol). Anyhow, not sure if this really indicative of anything but throughout the last interval I was still averaging 100rpm with no dropoff. But I was looking at my HR (183) and feeling like I wouldn’t make it to 20min, I had set in my mind that I wasn’t going to suffer through the final increase. This is coupled with the belief ahead of this that I wasn’t going to change my FTP going into SSB2, so all in all I didn’t set myself mentally for achievement. Anyhow, don’t be like me!

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It’s easy to say you are going to push through anything, but when the stuff hits the fan, sometimes, despite showing mental toughness previously, you might not be up to it at that moment. No shame as I’m sure you felt like you didn’t have any other option at the time. I felt that way for the first time in a long time on Saturday and again today. Time for me to regroup.

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I make a playlist that’s about 22 minutes long and have something big and angry at about 18 minutes which helps.

Generally I try and build myself up beforehand: if I’ve done the training, completed the workouts and rested well, I’ll be stronger and I just need to dig in and make sure the numbers reflect that.


My last test was both a success and failure. I’ve usually been doing long TTE tests but just couldn’t face another 45min 105% interval :tired_face: — so I went for the ramp.

Spent all morning creating the play list & hyping myself up…cuz I didn’t really want to do the ramp test either! I finalised that my ONLY goal for the ramp was to hit the 400w step. I hand-crafted a big ‘400 WATTS!’ sign to stare at for 20 minutes to make sure I didn’t lose focus on my single goal.

Sometimes you really gotta trick your brain into doing things it doesn’t want to do (mostly it’s just trying to keep you safe & alive, so be sure to thank it after the ramp!).

I did “better” 6 weeks ago after I had done a VO2 block, whereas today was after a block of sweet spot, not sure how quickly one loses that higher end contribution, but I had also set myself up for that in my mind. It’s excuse day! lol I’m not a huge fan of testing really, but I had been doing it recently to make sure I had the best target for the VO2 block, generally I liked to adjust my target based on my general performance changes over a block.

Anyhow I’m going forward with my prior FTP because I did just fine on SSB1 HV and will do just fine on SSB2 HV as well!

Lol. I think we’re about in the same place. I did a ramp test today…saw the 398 step. For all of about 4 seconds :joy:

I honestly dont know if thats a product of pushing really deep and gutting out the previous step…or just phoning it in at the beginning of the 398. Either way I’m happy…got a 15 wattt bump after SSB2.


Everyone takes testing way to seriously.

Yes, you should mentally steel yourself. Yes you should give max effort. Yes it’s going to suck in those finals minutes.

But just go do it. If you thought you could give more or had an off day go do it again in a day or two.

Take whatever the number is and start the real work after that.

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Yeah I got a 20w drop on mine yesterday particulary annoying as Garmin giving me an estimate up by 20w during an outside ride over the weekend. Next time my plan is to cover my HR. It had hit 190 and that was enough for me for me not to try and hangon for another minute.

We are in the same boat. I eventually stopped testing all together. :nerd_face::smile:

I like you.

I skip more ramp tests than I complete. :man_shrugging:

I hear you! I have a dumb trainer and feel ERG would be much easier for me as I would not have to deal with the gears and such. Even after a new cassette eliminated most steps. All excuses IMO. Mentally I feel the ramp test is better than the 8 minute test for a large number of reasons, but dang it - my mind beats me. Sigh.

Mamba mentality. :muscle:

As I can’t do the Group Workouts (yet…), I try to visualise a scenario. For the Ramp Test it’s usually a crit.

Once I pass my current FTP I treat each step as a race lap. Effectively each lap getting faster and faster. As I hit 19.30 (yes, my eyes are glued to the screen :joy:) I treat the next 30 seconds as a sprint. I’m not actually sprinting or out of the saddle but I tell myself ‘this is what you’ve got to do so get it done!’ Anything after 20 minutes is usually a blur and I’ve only hit 21 minutes once.

I made a breakthrough today and got a 21 FTP bump! That’s the biggest jump I’ve ever seen. I also hit a max heart rate of 200 and stayed there for quite a while. I previously thought my max was 196!

My new strategy is to focus on heart rate. I tell myself that my max heart rate is my heart working at 100% to deliver oxygen, but my legs aren’t restricted by this. When I actually hit my max heart rate, I switch the focus to withstanding the pain in my legs, and continue to tell myself that my heart is working at full capacity to supply my legs with oxygen, so they’ve got this.

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I expect I would enjoy that moment, but it hasn’t happened for me yet on a ramp test :confused:. I’ve tried music, no music, random music/radio, doing the test blind (not looking at TR or anything that shows time…) - and I still consistently fail to hit numbers anywhere near what I know I can do in workouts. There’s something about the nature of the test that messes with my head. :woman_shrugging:

I’m going to focus on the 8 minute test now, or just skip testing altogether and fine tune my FTP on the basis of whether or not I can complete longer SS or threshold workouts ok.

Heh, this was me last week. Stopped at 18min on Tuessday… just didn’t feel like suffering. I think it had just been over a week since I worked out on the trainer (lotta outdoor rides, nice weather) and just wasn’t digging it. Couple days later I retested and got to 20min just fine. Historically I’ve just not done ftp tests over the summer and I really should fix that.