Ramp Test Tips & Tricks

Hi Dezza,

carver already answerd, but you just multiply the last minute by .75 thats yout new FTP plus TR magic. So if you go to the workout an do a mousover, for the minutes 19:00 to 20:00 its 136% of your “old” FTP, which multiplied by .75 results in 102 which would be an increase by 2 %.

19:30 to 20:30 should result in 4,25 %
20:00 to 21:00 in 6,5 % and so on.


Thanks JayByrd & Carver.

Looking back at old tests i do tend to flake out around the 19:30 mark… thats why i’m stagnating a little. I know ramp tests shouldn’t be about setting specific targets, but now I know to aim for 20+ it will hopefully give me a mental boost. Cheers!


Have to say once I establish my cadence I try not to look at the screen and just concentrate on my music. I have adjusted my playlist to ensure there’s something loud and motivating at the crux of the test.

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The KICKR Core in ERG Mode.

Then just get on and pedal. Turn off Coach Chad for this one.

Just pedal till you can’t. That is a ramp test. Simple.


Thanks, I’ll make sure that it picks up the ERG mode when I select the test

Just leave it in ERG Mode for all your TrainerRoad workouts.


I’m under the impression a ramp test done properly is when you have gone so hard that you can’t continue? Why not cover the numbers until you’ve actually finished the test? I’ve been doing this with all the 20 min tests I’ve been doing as I was finding that I was aiming for a certain number rather than actually testing. Doing it this way I was able to actually get an accurate FTP and the workouts were all weighted properly. Actually saw bigger gains that way:-)


How does one turn it off? I felt the same way. As I approach a new FTP the words pop up that make me feel like I’m lucky to be alive at this point and I can totally feel the energy levels drop.


Just turn off instructional text in the settings


This “19:30 to break even” is fantastic advice. Thank you!


I imagine this is very personal, but I’ve been doing 100-105rpm for most of the ramp. When I start slipping to the low 90s I’ll drop to 75 or 80. It buys me maybe an extra 30 seconds where otherwise it feels like my legs are about to fail. But if you run the whole ramp at 60rpms you might have trouble sustaining anything lower.

This also tends to help me get through long sweet-spot intervals, or later intervals with shorter, higher intensities. Somehow I just can’t sustain the high rpms indefinitely and need to switch it up after a while. And just in general I find lower cadence helps lower my HR, which doesn’t matter a ton until you’re bumping into your max, like in the ramp test. Anyway, it’s something to try.


Anyone notice a difference doing it big ring vs small ring? I’ve only done it in small ring and I try to keep it between 100-105 rpm. Was thinking of trying 90-95 rpm for the first 10 or 15 minutes, then increasing to 100-105 for the end just to keep my HR at a reasonable level until the end.

I go big ring the whole time on ramp test and am typically 95-100rpm. Would love to hear feedback from others re: small ring vs. big ring. I should also note I use erg mode during ramp test (and all workouts)…

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If you are in ERG Mode on a Smart Trainer, there is no difference between Big Ring and Small Ring as the resistance is the same.

If you are on a Dumb Trainer, then Big Ring it à la http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/#90

I’ve read somewhere that trainers react faster if you’re on a big ring. Probably something to do with the speed of rotation of flywheel.

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I found the exact opposite with my KICKR… Small Ring all the time!


I thought the actual calculation was .75.

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Wow. I just had to do some math to prove to myself you’re right about the 19:30 @gcarver. You are! Good to know. Now, can you help me actually last to 20:30 or so? I won’t be too greedy and ask for all the way to 21:00 :rofl:

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Fixed it in my first post

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I also use the big ring and try to shoot for 95 rpm as long as possible. I find that a quicker cadence yields a more accurate result for me.