Ramp Test Tips & Tricks

  • Only in the sense that the initial one starts with an FTP value estimated by TR based upon a few factors.

  • After you get your “official” Ramp Test FTP, the next test you do may be a closer starting point as the estimate in the first example above may lead to particularly short or long (may have been the case for your first one).

  • But broadly speaking, there is no magic in the tests over time or a connection between them other than a starting point.

  • Again, depends on your “real” Ramp FTP vs whatever value either TR (or you?) estimated at the initial test.

  • If things are in line now, that 20-min ball park may be correct. But too many factors at play to know for sure if you will be longer or shorter than that.

All that aside, have you considered using AI FTP Detection instead of doing the Ramp Test?