Ramp test results (take two)

I know, newbie with question about the ramp test. sorry but just a lot of post to read through to see if someone asked in the past… and I’m somewhat lazy to read through them all.
I did my second ever ramp test today with TR. My number are lower then the first ramp test, and I was expecting this do to lighter volume of riding I’ve been doing… still i was interested enough in the results that I was comparing the two and noticed what I’m thinking would be a “miss” on the power data of my first test.

My first ramp test recorded me with a 854 max power and my second ramp test had me at 414 for max power. I never failed a workout with my first results so I feel that number was legitimate. My second ramp test suggested a lower FTP but only by 8w so two things that have me a little baffled are,
1st is how did I get a 854 max power on the first test and the 2nd is how i am over 400w lower on max power on the second test but still with in 10 point on my first FTP?
(edit: I should add that my first test was 306ftp and my second test suggested 298)

although this is a little vexing I’m not all that worried about it… I’m just a little curious…maybe this is a question i should be asking tech support?

PS. I’m not quite sure were the 266 FTP from the first test came from…

That 854 is a spike, not something that should truly be calculated into any assessment of sustainable power, maybe it was legit and you really did lay it down for a second or two, or maybe it was a calculation error in your PM or trainer. Don’t worry about that part of it.

Either way, if those are your first two ramp test AND you first two FTP estimation workouts in general, just go with the bigger numbers for a training week or two, especially since you said you haven’t had a hard time hitting the numbers (I presume you’re on some base phase?). Try resistance mode and see if you can hit the estimated numbers for the last half of the workout that the 306 would put you at (we’re talking about a percentage of that 8 watt difference).

90% of 306 is 275.4, 90% of 298 is 268.2 (7 whole watts) and it doesn’t change a whole ton in most training ranges. 120% of 306 vs 120% of 298 is just under 10 watts, for example. Small potatoes and if you’ve listened to the Coach Chad on the pod cast, you’re probably getting most of the benefit even if there is a rounding error in your training “zone.”


This is what…~2.5% difference? Insignificant, really. Could be due to any number of reasons. As suggested above, keep your current FTP and pedal on.


Cool thanks for the input! and the perspective. I agree that the numbers are pretty insignificant and I’m super happy that I maintained while still feeling like I backed off my riding volume.
Now that the weather in MN has a bunch of white stuff in it I’ve changed from a Low volume to a mid volume (no longer trying to accommodate outdoor riding ) so I’ll see how the next block of training goes.

thanks again for the input!

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And FYI, the FTP is calculated based on 75% of your highest 1 minute power from the test. So you can go look at the power curve and click on the 1 minute mark and see which 1 minute segment the FTP was calculated on. Most likely your final 1 minute or close to where you started to lose it. You tend to break even with your FTP if you make it to 19:30 assuming you hold the target power for the minute prior, so in ramp test two, it looks like you gave in just after the 19 minute mark, which explains why your calculated FTP was lower.