Ramp Test Issue Maybe

So I have a friend that started trainerroad last night and was working on the ramp test. They started the test and everything looked fine.

Then the power level went to 110 on the trainer and never seemed to change after that interval.

She is using a kickr snap, wahoo cadence sensor, and wahoo tickr hr. These are connected to her Samsung s8 via Bluetooth.

User Ramp Test

The link to the test.

Does anyone have any thoughts of why it looks like the resistance didn’t update after 110?

She is going to retest with a laptop this evening. But she was hoping to use her phone as her training platform.


That looks very strange, it looks like there were a lot of communication drops as well. I’d recommend getting your friend to send this into TrainerRoad support if she hasn’t already and have them take a look.


Definitely send it to support - there are loads of dropouts.
If they are going to re-test before hearing back from support, maybe leave the cadence sensor off and see if it will cope OK with just 2 bluetooth devices?


I’ll get her to submit a support request. Her next test will be with a laptop instead of the phone. I have had zero issue on the PC app. So hoping it will resolve the issue.

Thanks for the feedback.

Was the kickr snap in direct sunlight by any chance?

No it was night time here when she tested. Definitely no light interference. Solid idea though.

When direct sunlight hits my snap i get exactly that type of issue.
TR support are spot-on with sorting stuff though!

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