First Ramp Test Questions (extremely high cadence as if nothing is telling the trainer to add resistance)

Tried my first ramp test today and didn’t make it past 225 watts as the cadence was out of this world the whole time… 120+ just to hit the power #'s. This is on a Wahoo Kicker with newest firmware. Also no other devices or apps were connected to the trainer the the time. When I go in to the wahoo utils and set watts there there is decent resistance throughout the ranges from 100-600+ as well as when I connect using other training software. All that said question one is, is this normal for the ramp test ? question 2 anything I can do so the ramp test isn’t a Cadence test ?? Thanks for any info!

Something sounds odd here. TR should give you the same automatic resistance feeling as other software at any cadence. Have you tried to calibrate the kickr within TR? Have you got there Kickr set in Erg mode or resistance mode in TR? Erg mode should auto adjust power for you.

yes it was calibrated in TR right before the ramp test. Also I am using Erg mode as that is what I had heard would be best ?

I’m going to start another test tomorrow as I’ll know within a few minutes if it does the same thing again or not!

I would contact and see if they can diagnose the issue fro the logs on their side.

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i’ll try one more time just in case it was a fluke so I don’t waste their time having to dig through logs

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