Ramp test for Trainer road newbie

How often should I do a ramp test? I haven’t done one on TR but did one when I had my bikefit 6 weeks ago. I ve only just started using power again after 10 years just using HR. My HR and my wattage intensity dont seem to match. For instance, in my sweetspot session (Round Bald), I was spinning quite easily and my HR was lower than expected. By the end of the session my legs were quite tired( from the continual work at a higher cadence than my norm. But my heart and lungs are not . Should I ignore the HR and focus on the power alone? I can see that because the workouts are so long, and vary in intensity, Its probably designed so I don't muller myself completely and not be able to ride for 2 days! Im a supervet (Masters) 65 yr old Mountainbike and cyclo X racer.

As scheduled by the training plan on your calendar. That tends to be around every 4-6 weeks. You can test sooner if you expect quick gains, but it’s not often needed.

TR tends to favour power over HR so I’d go that route using virtual power if you’ve an old dumb trainer or preferably a power meter of some kind.

HR/power zone mismatch may well be due to you having a decent aerobic base - I get this on steady Z2 power workouts - my HR is often in Z1. They won’t match perfectly anyway so I could be at the bottom of power Z2 but the top of HR Z1 if that makes sense.

I’d follow the progression in whatever plan you’ve selected and see how that goes before changing things. I’ll only swap out a workout if I’m feeling particularly tired or fresh. One thing you might want to do given your age is change the frequency of recovery weeks from 3:1 to 2:1, quite easy to do in the Calendar: go to the week where you want to insert the extra recovery week and click the three dots at the right, choose “Push week” which will make everything from that point one week later. Now go to the recovery week and from the same menu choose “Copy Week” and then paste it into the gap you created.


Thankyou! that`s very helpful. Interesting , I have a great aerobic system! Unfortunately my legs let me down. Like you I also do a lot of endurance mountainbike events.

If you are going to use TR, then take their ramp test now.

The steady paced sweet spot work will help you with muscular endurance and help your legs catch up to your cardio vascular system.

Thanks, yes, cardio good muscular endurance not so! But I can see after 2 weeks how that will improve! Also my ability to spin a higher cadence is already improving!

Also new to training and this is a helpful thread!